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Are you in for simplicity or extravaganza? A solitaire engagement ring defines both! It can touch simplicity with a classic design and can reach flamboyance depending on the size of the diamond. The options of experimenting with a solitaire ring are endless. Explore the beauty of diamond solitaire rings from Shop LC and stay on trend!

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What are Solitaire Rings?

A solitaire ring refers to any ring with a single stone. Since ancient times, classic solitaire-style engagement rings have been a symbol of commitment. In a world of ever-changing jewelry trends, solitaire diamond rings have secured their place as one of the most sought-after trinkets.

Rings notwithstanding, solitaires are perfect for women who appreciate understated, classic style, but still want to make a bold statement. Add a solitaire to any ensemble, and you’re sure to invoke timeless elegance. Such is its appeal! Such is its sparkle!

Previously, solitaire rings were associated only with diamond settings. However, in recent times colored gemstones, including captivating blue sapphire, rich green emeralds, and fiery red ruby have made their presence known in the realm of solitaire rings.

The possibilities are endless as you explore, as solitaires come in a wide assortment of cuts, settings, and metals that one should carefully examine before shopping for the ring.

Explore Solitaire Rings from Shop LC

Are you looking for a solitaire ring? Shop LC offers a wide assortment of solitaire engagement rings. Whatever the occasion, feel special and look your best when you adorn your fingers with a gorgeous solitaire ring.

Some of the solitaire ring designs in our collection includes round, pear, heart, emerald, oval, and princess-cut stones. The one you choose should entirely be based on your preferences. Once you have the cut in mind, you can then consider selecting a metal and the setting.

Whether you admire the charm of luxurious yellow gold, elegant white gold, and classy rose gold, or you're smitten with the splendor of glistening sterling silver, solitaire rings look amazing in every option! While the cut, metal and the gemstone of a solitaire ring is most important, do not let the setting of the ring fall below in the list of priorities.

With solitaire engagement rings, there are typically two settings to choose. The prong setting is the most common type since it holds the solitaire stone firmly in place and allows the maximum light exposure from all angles. However, if you need to resize the ring later, then a bezel setting offers the maximum protection to the gemstone. These are great for everyday wear and are durable against outdoor activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our beautiful collection to get your favorite solitaire piece that will have you jumping with joy. Check them out now!