If you’re bored of traditional rings for every occasion, trendy stackable rings offer a refreshing twist for styling. Wear stackable rings and you are ready to step out in style. The wide variety of stacking rings from Shop LC gives you an opportunity to add diversity to your collection.

    Why Should I Start Stacking Rings?

    Stackable rings are two or more rings that can be worn together. Greater than the sum of its parts, stacking rings is a great way to build a new look from mixing and matching jewelry. Use them for a subtle glamour or even a minimalistic look.

    A jewelry staple for every collection, stackable rings help you to give a creative expression to your idea of dressing up. It defines the wearer’s mood, sense of fashion, and creative aesthetics by wearing jewelry in a striking way.

    How Do I Stack Rings?

    Choose rings that fit more than one finger so that you can wear them in a variety of chic ways. While you style your look with stackable rings, always mind the rule of “less is more.”

    • Keep your collection cohesive without being too similar.
    • Try one ring on one finger.
    • Style your finger with a midi ring and stack rings on other fingers.
    • Go for a midi ring with a thumb ring.
    • For a minimalistic look, just a thumb ring can work magic.

    Discover a Variety of Rings

    Shop LC has a huge collection of rings perfect for stacking in diverse patterns, designs, metals, gemstones and more. One on hand, you’ll find magnificent rings studded with gorgeous gemstones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald, On the other, find a wide range of metallic patterns furnished in gold, platinum and silver. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, or just want something for yourself, a set of stackable rings is a great choice. Choose stacking rings whenever you want to remix or reinvent your look.

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