Why Buy Tanzanite Bracelets?

    • Rarity: Tanzanite has been referred to as the gemstone of the 20th century. Known to be rarer than diamonds, tanzanite is found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, South Africa. This family member of zoisite mineral is a one-generation gemstone, estimated to deplete within a few decades.
    • Benefits of Wearing Tanzanite: A birthstone for the month of December, tanzanite is thought to aid in exploring psychic abilities and overcoming communication difficulties. The gem is also considered the traditional gift for the 24th wedding anniversary.

    Tanzanite Varieties at Shop LC:

    • AAA Tanzanite: Color may vary from blue through violet, AAA tanzanite is affordable, top-grade material.
    • Bondi Blue Tanzanite: Named after the sea-blue color seen on the beautiful Bondi Beach in Australia, Bondi blue tanzanite is one of the rarest varieties.
    • Peacock Tanzanite: Named for its color, it’s similar in hue to the Indian peacock, an exotic bird with iridescent blue to green plumage.
    • Natural Green Tanzanite: Technically known as green zoisite, green tanzanite is a fancy tanzanite considered the rarest of varieties. Green tanzanite has red-violet and blue undertones with a green base color.

    White, Yellow or Rose?

    • Yellow Gold Tanzanite Bracelets: The warm glow and richness of yellow brings out a regal allure that lends beautifully with the deeper blue varieties of tanzanite
    • Rose Gold Tanzanite Bracelets: For varieties that display a light lilac or cornflower blue, rose gold enhances their subtle charm and assures a romantic appeal to your appearance. The combination is best suited for daytime occasions.
    • Sterling Silver or White Gold Tanzanite Bracelets: Sterling silver and white gold metal offer a soothing metallic sheen that pairs exquisitely well with all varieties of tanzanite, highlighting their hues and luster expertly.

    So what are you waiting for? Select from a huge array of tanzanite stone bracelets from Shop LC and boost your elegance in a matter of seconds. Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll always pay the lowest price while shopping from our online catalog, allowing you to make this rare gem a part of your collection effortlessly.

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