Enjoy the dazzling blue brilliance of stunning tanzanite earrings at Shop LC. We have an extensive collection of tanzanite stone earrings in a variety of styles such as studs, dangles, chandelier, drop and much more. Delivering Joy, find your favorite earrings as you slide from office sophistication to evening fascination with ease.

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Buy tanzanite drop earrings and more online at Shop LC!

Buy Gorgeous Tanzanite Stud, Drop and All Other Imaginable Earrings Online Tanzanite is fit for royalty.

As the breathtaking stone that tanzanite is, it looks especially breathtaking as an ear accessory. When accented with diamonds, earrings shout remarkable luxury.

Tanzanite stud earrings radiate a delightful and brilliant charm. No matter how you choose to wear it, this gemstone will shine gloriously. It is the perfect accessory to enhance any outfit for any occasion. A simple pair of stud earrings, in prong or bezel setting, is perfect for a corporate look yet can also be worn for that special dinner date this Saturday evening. If you have an eye for something truly distinctive, then a tanzanite drop pair is for you, featuring flawlessly crafted metal frames that hold within themselves 'floating' tanzanite gemstones.

What is Tanzanite?

This gorgeous and velvety gemstone is available in various designs and some even feature glistening diamond halos for a truly impeccable look. Pear, square, heart, cushion, trillion and more; it can be found in plenty of shapes. Shop LC’s beautiful collection includes unique patterns and glistening blue gemstones to elevate your look. Brilliant violet-blue perfectly complements both sterling silver and gold, and our gemstone experts bring you only the best quality and cut, meaning our tanzanite earrings are truly fit for royalty.

Why should you buy Tanzanite earrings?

Tanzanite embodies an overly captivating bluish-violet hue, which is what makes this jewel so striking and unique. It is the violet blue to blue violet variety of the mineral zoisite, mined commercially only in one area of the world: the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, which is where it gets its name. Tanzanite's appearance is influenced greatly by its pleochroism, which is the ability of a gemstone to show different colors when viewed in different crystal directions. Depending on the lighting and the angle of your vision, it may appear as a beautiful blue like sapphire or a vibrant violet like amethyst. Wear your tanzanite earrings and let them capture the natural essence and beauty of light enhancement to experience the trueness of tanzanite.

Tanzanite or blue gemstone?

Initially mistaken for a sapphire, this gemstone was later found to be a part of the zoisite family of minerals. A captivating bluish-violet hue is what makes this jewel so striking and unique. Today it is considered the second most sought-after blue gem in the world, after sapphire. Considered the 'most beautiful blue stone' to have been discovered in the last 2,000 years, this gem is named after Tanzania, the East African country where it is exclusively mined on Mount Kilomanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Millions of years in the making, tanzanite jewelry is relatively new to the gemstone-loving world. Discovered in 1967, this gem was instantly prized for its mesmerizing hues and color-changing effect. The story goes that lightning struck causing the grassland to start on fire which turned the brown zoisite crystals on the surface to blue. Maasai tribesmen found the gem now known as tanzanite. Credit is given to a local Indian tailor named Manuel de Sousa for the discovery of tanzanite. In the early 1970s Henry Platt, then President of Tiffany & Co., was shown blue zoisite. Feeling the name zoisite would not be appealing enough to women, he christened blue zoisite with the name tanzanite after the country of origin. Looking for more? Check out latest Tanzanite Jewelry, Tanzanite Necklaces, Tanzanite Pendants at an unbelievable price

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