Bracelets have the capability to instantly amplify your femininity while lending your hands the desired dose of attention. The origin of the word 'bracelet' is from the Greek 'brachile' meaning 'of the arm.’ Bracelets are items of jewelry that have been worn since early history. Bracelets easily dress up any outfit while offering effortless style.

    Types of Bracelets:

    Shop LC offers a wide assortment of bracelets in a range of precious metals; from fashionable sterling silver to brilliant gold. Popular types of bracelets include:

    • Line or tennis bracelets: Allowing you an option to present chic and minimalistic appeal, this slender bracelet style proves to be a graceful gift. Whether an anniversary gift, birthday gift, or graduation present, an exclusive tennis bracelet always delights.

    • Charm bracelets: These dreamy trinkets always lend a playful tone to casual looks. The chain is fit with adorable charms that often relate to your personal life. Gift your special someone an exclusive charm bracelet she is sure to cherish.

    • Bold gemstone cuffs: The glimmer of gemstones and the enticing colors they possess always make a breathtaking point of attraction. Galvanize your favorite ensemble with a cluster cuff or a flamboyant bracelet adorned with opulent gemstones and create a ripple in the crowd.

    How do I choose the perfect bracelet?

    Choosing a bracelet, like many other pieces of jewelry, is a personal style statement and should keep your lifestyle in mind. If you’re looking to stay trendy while hopping in and out of meetings at work, metallic bangles are the best choice. For most occasions the simplicity of a tennis bracelet does the trick; but if you need to make a style statement an opulent bracelet showcasing the luscious glitter of gemstones is just what you need.

    So what are you waiting for? Take your pick of exquisite and exclusive fashion bracelets at prices you will love.

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