What is Ethiopian Welo Opal?

    The opal is celebrated for its spectacle of rainbow-like hues which vary with lighting or angle of observation. The opal from the Welo district of Ethiopia displays the liveliest play of color and fire.

    The word opal is said to originate from the Greek word “opallios” which means “to see change of color”. The gem is considered to be hydrophane form of silica. The word hydrophane means water-loving in Greek which means this iridescent gem soaks up water easily. To know lore and more about this enchanting gem visit Shop LC’s Education Center page.

    Types of Welo Opal

    • Ethiopian Welo Opal: This gem comes with subtle base color with characteristic play of color. Upon absorbing water, the base color grows translucent and lends the rainbow-like flecks a boost in brightness.

    • Ethiopian Sable Welo Opal: This is the dark and more expensive variety. The gem is also known as black opal, dark opal or smoked opal. Occurrence of black opal is rare. The supply is often maintained with enhanced Ethiopian Welo opal. The process darken the base color without hampering the inherent play of color the gem is known for. The deep body color makes the iridescent play of color strikingly different from light opals.

    Why buy Welo Opal jewelry?

    • Birthstone: Opal is considered the modern birthstone for October. An exclusive Welo opal pendant or a compelling Welo opal ring therefore, makes for a fabulous and thoughtful gift option for your loved ones born in this month.

    • Wedding Anniversary Gift: Opals are traditional gifts for 18th and 34th wedding anniversaries. Celebrate your special bond with an exchange of exclusive Welo opal rings and make the occasion a memorable one.

    Occasions to Wear Welo Opal:

    Displaying a hypnotizing play of color, both varieties of Welo opal helps you set the bar high for trendsetting appearances at any gathering.

    The subtle hued Ethiopian Welo opal pair well for daytime attires. Whether it’s your favorite floral sundress or a navy, color-blocked tunic, pair them with an exclusive Welo opal bracelet or enticing dangle earrings that make heads turn.

    Ready to galvanize your evening ensemble? Add mystique your persona and enthralling glamour to your favorite little black dress or bright red gowns with the magnetism of Ethiopian Sable Welo opal. A cocktail ring or an exclusive Welo opal necklace is sure to keep you in the limelight.

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