What is Blue Diamond?

Diamonds are perhaps the most famous modern gemstone. White diamonds represent what many consider the ideal gift; a permanent symbol of love and affection. What fewer realize, however, are the amazing variety of colored diamonds available.


Blue diamond is a fancy diamond inheriting the same properties of the stone except for the color blue. In natural blue diamond, the blue color is the result of the chemical element boron within the crystalline lattice structure.

One of the former cited blue diamonds is the ‘Hope Diamond,’ weighing 45.52 carats and portraying a fabulous dark grayish blue color. The discovery of this fancy diamond is believed to be in India while the first ever Western record was by French gem merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1666.

Determining Blue Diamond Value

Is blue diamond valuable? The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This is no different when determining what blue diamond is worth. These guidelines will help you choose diamond stones for your collection.

  • Blue Diamond Color

Colored diamond gemstones exist on a commonly accepted range of colors, based on their type. Blue diamond’s value is determined by its color saturation (a color’s strength and intensity) that ranges from a faint saturation of color to a deep saturation. Its tone (degree of darkness or lightness of a color) and hue (the first impression of an object’s basic color) have a minimal role in determining value.

The blue diamonds that Shop LC offers range from a crisp teal to true blue hue. Colored diamonds increase in value as their color deepens, providing excellent value when you buy from Shop LC.

  • Blue Diamonds Clarity

Blue diamonds are available in a range from flawless to included, just like the classic white diamonds. Like any other diamond, blue diamonds are also judged for inclusions and affecting its value to a degree. Unlike white diamonds, its value is primarily determined by its color.

  • Blue Diamond Cut

This gorgeous gemstone ranks ten on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it an excellent specimen to be cut into a variety of shapes. As diamond is loved for its brilliance, the most popular cut is the round brilliant. This cut displays the best brightness and scintillation. But for a contemporary touch, fancy cuts are also in demand like princess cut, radiant cut, asscher cut, pear cut, marquise cut and more.

  • Blue Diamond Carat

As the carat weight of a diamond increases, the size and the price of the gemstone simultaneously increases. Shop LC sources blue diamond that usually ranges from one to three millimeters.

Blue Diamond Treatment

Blue diamond found at Shop LC is enhanced through two methods. They may undergo irradiation, which alters the stone’s crystal structure, creating the captivating blue that we all love. Also, they may also undergo a high pressure and high-temperature treatment (HPHT). It mimics natural forces that create these stones and aids in lightening the gem’s color. This ensures you’re receiving glorious blue gemstones at an affordable cost you’ll love.

The treatments applied to these specimens are stable, if the gemstone is kept with recommended care and cleaning.

Caring for Blue Diamond

Diamond ranks ten on Mohs scale of hardness, and with a good toughness, they are extremely durable for daily wear. While they make an excellent companion, it is essential to care for this gemstone jewelry if you want them to last forever.

A soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water; a pulsed-water, dental hygiene machine; and a soft, lint-free cloth are the safest ways to clean most jewelry. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners can damage treated diamonds so it best to say no to such measures.

With proper cleaning, vital care is needed to safe-keep diamond jewelry. Keeping diamond jewelry with other jewelry in the same box or pouch can cause scratches and damage, due to its hardness. So, always keep diamond jewelry separate from other pieces; either in a pouch or a velvet-based jewelry box to maintain its polish.

Who Can Wear Blue Diamond?

Anyone who has a taste for the finer things will love blue diamonds. They offer a contemporary and sophisticated take on classic diamond jewelry. Blue diamond is an ideal choice for jewelry from rings, earrings, pendants or necklaces. The gemstone is a classic substitute for a sapphire or diamond engagement ring.

The teal to darker blues of blue diamond complements clothing with colors such as white, red, yellow and orange.

How Does Blue Diamond Compare to Other Blue Stones?

Blue is a fascinating color that stands out. When other blue stones illustrate either teal blue, tints of blue or dark blue, blue diamond has the color range of clear blue sky, fascinating human blue eye, and the Neptune.

Consider a blue diamond if you enjoy collecting other rich blue gemstones such as AAA tanzanite, Masoala sapphire, or London blue topaz.

Where Does Blue Diamond Come From?

Diamonds occur in many places throughout the world, but none are surrounded by as much fame or infamy as Africa. Conflict stones are always a serious worry for serious gemstone buyers. Shop LC adheres to all local and international laws when making our rough gemstone purchases. In addition, resolutions such as the Kimberley Process are strictly adhered to, guaranteeing that your diamonds are conflict-free.

Shop LC sources finished blue diamonds from multiple locations across the globe.

What Does Blue Diamond Mean?

What Does Blue Diamond Mean?

Throughout most of the Ancient World, diamonds were not often considered to be a distinct gemstone, especially in Europe. However, among the Vedic traditions of Ancient India, diamonds were especially well-known. According to these legends, diamonds entered the world after the death of the demon Vala, who seized the Throne of Heaven by force. A coalition of the gods destroyed him, and his remains become the diamonds and colored gemstones we know today.

They were organized into castes concerning ownership based on the stone’s color. Each was also protected by a deity. Blue diamonds are under the protection of Aryama, the Vedic Lord of Ancestors.

Blue diamonds are believed to strengthen willpower. They are also thought to inspire the wearer to take good care of their health.

For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

Is Blue Diamond a Birthstone?

Diamond is the modern birthstone for April. Since the early 20th century, diamonds have represented this month. Blue diamonds are a great alternative for someone who’s looking for something a little more beyond the signature white stone we all know.

Blue Diamond Facts

  • Blue diamond ranks ten on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Blue diamond offers scintillating satisfaction from teal to true-blue hues.
  • Shop LC sources blue diamond worldwide through the Kimberley Process.
  • Blue diamonds from Shop LC may undergo irradiation and high pressure, high-temperature treatment.