Red Diamond Gemstone

Red diamonds burn with a fiery scintillation symbolizing passion and life.

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Diamonds are likely the most famous gemstone in the world. Few other gems have captured our imagination and sense of romance as diamonds. While most everyone is familiar with traditional white diamonds, few understand that there’s an entire range of color found within these jewels. Rarely occurring in nature, red is the most unusual color to be found. Shop LC presents enhanced red diamonds, providing your unique opportunity to own one of these rare stones. Few will ever have the chance to see a red diamond in person.

What Color is Red Diamond?

The most important color in any fancy diamond is the main color a person will see. This is referred to as its face up color. Enhanced red diamonds possess an even red hue, free of secondary color. It ranges from a medium to dark tone. These are rich, bloody reds, brimming with life!

Other Red Diamond Quality Factors

Diamonds are defined by their legendary toughness, and enhanced red diamonds are no exception. Ranking ten on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds are the definitive mineral for this level. Red diamonds are tough enough for daily wear, but can still break or chip if struck hard enough.

Like other diamonds, enhanced red diamonds are known for their adamantine luster. Combined with their ability to scintillate and red color, these stones have their own unique fire.

Red diamonds are infrequently seen as treated stones, making supplies scarce. Our sources provide stones that typically measure between one to three millimeters, ideal as melee in red diamond gemstone jewelry. Melee are diamonds under one-fifth of a carat, and very popular in contemporary jewelry design. You’ll find them pave set to create large clusters of sparkling stones or channel set in rings for endless bands of color.

The majority of these gems undergo shaping as round brilliants. Less frequently, you’ll find baguettes. With stones of this size, inclusions are inevitable and expected. What’s important when choosing stones of this size is to find the best color. What’s desired is the overall effect these jewels generate.

Who Should Wear Red Diamonds?

Fancy colored diamonds, such as red diamonds, are ideal for those wanting a twist on this classic gemstone. Red is the color of passion, making a good stone for gifting romantic partners. It’s also a symbol of life and vitality, and one of the most prominent colors in humanity’s visual spectrum. Wear a red gemstone to draw attention to yourself and demand attention.

Red diamond color is more raw and unrestrained than other red gemstones. It’s similar to Mozambique garnet, possessing a dark hue familiar to fans of this pyrope gem.



Is Red Diamond a Birthstone?

• Diamonds are the modern April birthstone, adopted in the early twentieth century. However, unlike other modern birthstones, diamonds have been used as an April birthstone as early as the 1600s. This makes diamonds one of the oldest continuously used birthstones. In addition to classic white diamonds, you’ll find fancy colored diamonds such as enhanced red diamonds at Shop LC. Diamonds don’t have an association with the tropical zodiac and aren’t associated with any star sign.

• Diamonds are also the traditional gift for the 10th wedding anniversary.

Red Diamonds in Lore

• When describing Aaron’s Breastplate, the Holy Bible includes diamond as one of the twelve stones that represent the tribes of Israel. As to whether these were diamonds or not continues to be a matter of debate, due to different methods used in translating scripture.

• In Ancient India, where diamonds were well-known long before we knew them in the West, differently colored diamonds were assigned to different castes. Only warriors, known as Kshatriyas, could own red diamonds. Symbolizing the blood they were willing to shed in battle, lords employing Kshatriyas would sometimes pay their loyal servants with red diamonds.

• Ironically, for those who would take lives, the diamonds owned by Kshatriyas supposedly would also lengthen one’s lifespan and prevent the onset of aging.



Location: Central and South Africa

Diamonds are found in locations throughout the world, especially Africa. Shop LC always takes the highest precautions when sourcing stones, ensuring national and local laws are always observed, and resolutions such as the Kimberley Process.

Central and South Africa

Are Red Diamonds Enhanced?

Red diamonds from Shop LC undergo enhancement to create their striking red color.

First, finished stones are sourced through trusted outside vendor partners. These are light brown diamonds that have already been cut and polished. As suitable stones are difficult to acquire through a single vendor, multiple small lots are bought to build a suitable supply for a production run. The rough that these finished stones come from only have a 30-percent yield at best, meaning most of the raw material isn’t suitable for lapidary use.

The majority of these diamonds are processed by exposure to irradiation. This alters the atomic structure of the stone, resulting in the permanent creation of its brilliant red color. Rarely, stones may also undergo high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) treatment. Mostly used on white diamonds, this enhancement method lightens the color of a stone through the application of high pressure and heat. Ultimately, this creates a stone of uniform red color once irradiated. No matter the process, this period takes nearly a month to finish.

Processed stones must then undergo a second quality inspection. Now treated, the process may leave them undesirable for use in jewelry. 15 to 20-percent of material will be rejected at this stage. Acceptable stones are then sorted by color for use in jewelry. From start to finish, only about 25-percent of rough brown diamond ever becomes an enhanced red diamond.

The treatment is stable and permanent, and stones can be further polished or set in jewelry as required.



  • Ranks ten on the Mohs scale of hardness.

  • Red diamonds at Shop LC are available in medium to dark red shades.

  • Finished diamonds for enhancement are sourced from worldwide locations.

  • Red diamonds undergo irradiation to create color. Occassionaly, high pressure high temperature (HPHT) treatments will be used to lighten and even out the color in stones.