Enhanced Red Diamond Gemstone

Enhanced Red Diamond is treasured for its rich purple and blue-violet hues with flickers of red and indigo.



Enhanced red diamonds are a created gemstone. Natural diamonds undergo a process to generate the coveted dark red color. The stone is exposed to high-energy electrons at an accelerated speed to reposition its atoms. Once accomplished the diamond returns to its natural state with the new color. Today's technology allows gemologists to achieve this transformation within hours. However, this treatment can only be applied to premium quality stones, limiting the availability to a small minority of diamonds.




• Diamonds are the birthstone for April.

• Natural red diamonds are extremely rare to find in nature, with only a handful of specimens found over the centuries.

• The largest natural red diamond known is the Moussaieff Red Diamond, weighing in at 5.11 carats.



Location: Central and South Africa

Diamonds are a gemstone found worldwide. For Enhanced Red Diamonds, the base material is sourced from Central and South Africa.

Central and South Africa



• Enhanced Red Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs scale.

• Colors range from deep pink to dark crimson.

• This gemstone is treated to enhance its color.