Gemstone Quality Values

2 Emerald Rings

The 3Vs represent the way we rate the value of a gemstone. Those three values are beauty durability and rarity. The beauty of a gemstone is a combination of colors clarity and various optical properties. Durability of a gemstone refers to the hardness of a gemstone. Rarity is the difficulty in finding and cutting the gemstone into appropriate sizes and shapes.



Emerald in its Raw Form


Value is determined by the purity of the hues and richness of the overall color. An example would be a pure red gemstone without any tones of orange.

Color Factors:

Hue • Saturation • Tone


The clarity of a gemstone addresses the inclusions. An inclusion is defined as anything that interferes with the natural passage of light.


Fracture • Hollow Area • Bits of Mineral

Hint: Smaller more affordable stones set in a cluster can make an impressive presentation similar to more expensive higher carat stones.



An emerald after polishing.
Emerald After Polishing


The cut of the gemstone will display the value in its best shape and facet count.


The unit of measurement pertaining to the weight of the gemstone. The higher the price the bigger the gemstone.

Gemstone Visuals:

Symmetry • Smooth Surfaces • Facet Junctions are clean • Windowing*

*The passage of light from the center of the stone to the outside edges



Finished Emerald Rings
The Finished Product

Durability is graded on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The ranking is based on the material's ability to resist abrasion or scratching.