Thai Black Spinel Gemstone

With a stark black palette resembling a starless night sky, Thai Black Spinel is distinctive for its inky color.

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Many consider spinel to be an impostor stone, as before our modern understanding of gems we would categorize stones based on color alone. Black spinel, from Thailand, is remarkable as a gem.


Dark and opaque, Thai Black Spinel is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to own a black gemstone. Possessing no secondary tones, it is a pure, inky black color. Available in many calibrated sizes, it makes for an excellent primary stone. On the other hand, black goes with everything, so it's a perfect choice for accenting the beauty of other gems.

With no visible flaws, the cutting process transforms this stone. Most often, we see this gem faceted, as it gorgeously reflects light. When polished, the gem possesses a vitreous luster, similar to the sparkle and shine of cut glass.

As with other varieties, Thai Black Spinel is durable. With a hardness of eight on the Mohs scale, it falls between two well-known gemstones. Quartz ranks as a seven, which includes stones such as amethyst and citrine. Corundum is the definitive mineral for the rank of nine, covering sapphire and ruby. This means that black spinel is a smart choice for everyday wear in jewelry.



• In Thailand, black spinel is sometimes nicknamed nin or blackjack. Its presence is considered lucky, as it indicates sapphire should be close.

• Black spinel may sometimes be referred to as pleonaste. Its named is derived from the Greek word for 'abundant,' a reference to the many crystal forms the stone can take.



Location: Thailand

As the name suggests, this gemstone is sourced from Thailand. Our supply of black spinel is mined within the Bo Phloi District of the Kanchanaburi Province. The region is famous for its sapphire. In fact, spinel and corundum are frequently found together! Thai miners consider the presence of black spinel a lucky sign that sapphire is nearby.

Seashore in Thailand.


  • Ranks 8 on the Mohs scale.
  • Color presents as a pure, stark black.
  • Sourced from the Bo Phloi District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.
  • All natural and untreated gemstone.