The Secrets Of Trendy Anxiety Spinner Rings

Category: Collection | Date: 11/20/2022

What Makes the Spinner Rings So Trendy and Unique?

Spinner rings are one of the latest jewelry trends across the globe. Everyone appreciates these rings for their versatile look, highly amazing design, and unique benefits. What makes these anxiety spinner rings so popular is no secret to anyone, but there is a lot more to know about these rings!

What are Anxiety Spinner Rings?

Spinner Rings

Spinner rings appear like normal band rings, but that's not enough! they are more than that. Anxiety spinner rings are a combination of two band rings joined together so that one moves freely over the other. The inner ring stays stable on the finger, while the outer ring can be easily rotated. The outer band can be decorated with gemstones, texture, or other patterns to look beautiful and stylish. More than just stylish pieces of jewelry, spinner rings have been popular because of personal benefits like stress, and anxiety reduction.

History and Origin

Spinner Rings

The origin of spinner rings can be traced back to the ancient religion of Buddhism. The religion has metal spinning cylinders used to perform religious practices. These metal spinning cylinders known as prayer wheels stand as inspiration in the form of spinner rings. These prayer wheels are used for meditation, which helps in keeping your mind calm and relaxed. Also, the spinner rings help in reducing anxiety.

Spinner rings usually have two parts wide ring band and a smaller band. The smaller one when fitted on the outside of the wide ring band moves independently over the wide ring band. No matter how simple it sounds, the overall manufacturing of this ring style is time-consuming and needs extreme precision. The whole manufacturing process requires precise sizing and fitting of both bands for a smooth spinning mechanism. Any mistake may lead to the complete failure of the spinning mechanism and rejection of the piece.

More About Spinner Rings

Spinner Rings

Anxiety spinner rings are also known as “worry rings” or “anxiety rings”. They have a calming effect on the mind and body with their spinning mechanism. Moreover, it works as a fidget spinner. So, it is also called a “fidget ring" specially designed to fiddle with. These are obvious ways of handling anxiety. Several studies claimed that the repetitive motion of the anxiety spinner rings helps get rid of any distractions or negativity. Individual anxiety and stress fade away as the mind focuses on constantly spinning the ring.

Benefits of Spinner Rings

Spinner Rings