Radiating with the warmth and power given by sunshine, golden heliodor illuminates your everyday adventures.

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Derived from the Greek phrase meaning Gift from the Sun, the name heliodor was coined in the early 20th century. This golden-yellow variety of the beryl mineral family is highly appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Also referred to as golden beryl or yellow beryl, heliodor is believed to bestow the wearer with knowledge, grace and divine wisdom.

Determining Heliodor Value

Is heliodor valuable? The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. It is no different when determining what heliodor is worth. These guidelines will help you choose stones for your collection.

  • Heliodor Color

Color is the most important quality factor for heliodor. It occurs between three primary hues- greenish yellow, lemon yellow, and golden yellow. Shop LC offers an impressive range of heliodor in warm golden-yellow hues.

The value of this attractive stone depends mostly on color saturation. Heliodor’s color is attributed to trace amounts of ferric iron in its chemical composition. The higher the quantity of this trace element, the greater the color and value of this gem.

Gemstones with vivid and brilliant golden yellow hues are considered the most valuable and command a higher price in today’s market.

  • Heliodor Clarity

Heliodor is transparent and possesses exceptional clarity. A clear and flawless heliodor will exude brilliance and sparkle like the sun.

Being a Type II gemstone, heliodor typically displays fewer inclusions than other beryl types such as emerald. Typical inclusions are long hollow tubes. If these tubes are properly oriented when cut cabochon, it will display a cat’s eye.

Heliodor gleams with a vitreous, glass-like luster after polishing, ensuring that it shines in a way other yellow gemstones don’t.

  • Heliodor Cut

Heliodor can be cut into various shapes. It is commonly formed into round, oval, cushion and pear shapes. They are typically faceted to maximize its brilliance. Cutters must carefully position these gems so that the stone looks its best when viewing it face-up.

  • Heliodor Carat

The better the cut, color, and clarity of the stone, the higher the value. The average size used is less than 3 carats. The price per carat tends to increase dramatically with larger stones.

Heliodor Treatment

Heliodor undergoes heat treatment to improve its color, beauty, and appearance. The color of yellow heliodor can also be improved by irradiation. This treatment is stable with normal care.

Caring for Heliodor

Heliodor ranks 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, a good choice for stylish jewelry. With a good toughness to protect from accidental chips or breaks, it’s a durable gem for daily wear, or simply whenever you like! Heliodor is a beautiful stone for all types of jewelry and with proper care will last for generations.

Wash your heliodor pieces in a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water using a soft cloth or brush to remove dust, fingerprints and other grime. After scrubbing, rinse with cool water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Avoid the use of harsh household chemicals and prolonged exposure to extreme heat when cleaning heliodor. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not recommended for this gem.

Always store these vibrant gems inside a fabric-lined box or wrapped in a soft cloth. They should be stored separately from other jewels in your collection to avoid accidental scratches or other damage.

Who Can Wear Heliodor?

Being a versatile gemstone, heliodor is ideal for almost any type of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, pins, and many other beautiful ornaments.

Heliodor can also be mixed with other yellow gemstones such as citrine, marialite, canary opal, and yellow sapphire. Its palette encourages use in late-summer jewelry. Alongside leaves changing color, heliodor is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall, and wearing all season long!

How Does Heliodor Compare to Other Yellow Gemstones?

Heliodor is often mistaken for other similar gemstones, including citrine, topaz, canary diamond, yellow sapphire, and chrysoberyl because they are transparent, have a vitreous luster and can be yellow in color.

If you adore the golden-yellow color of the late summer sun, then heliodor is the option for you.

Where Does Heliodor Come From?

Shop LC sources our supply of heliodor from Brazil.

How is Heliodor Mined?

Brazilian mining utilizes a combination of traditional and modern techniques in extracting heliodor gemstones from the earth. Overall, heliodor mining is highly mechanized, with heavy machinery being used to extract the stone from pegmatite veins deep within the ground. These veins are cavities below the surface in which a variety of minerals deposit over time, and frequently produce gemstones.

Heliodor Properties

What Does Heliodor Mean?

Also called as the “Stone of the God” and “The Gateway to Light,” the warm yellow hues of the heliodor stone have been said to enhance the wearer’s intuition and compassion. Just like emerald and aquamarine, heliodor has strong protection powers and protects against the evil eye, hexing, and jealousy.

Heliodor enables a person to own one’s power. It is a stone that fosters genuine wisdom in the wearer by inspiring pragmatic decision making. It removes feelings of despair and empowers the individual to refocus and take charge.

It is believed that if heliodor gemstone is placed where one resides, it automatically cleanses its environment and fills it with unimaginable positive energy, providing optimism as well as stability to ones living space. It is recommended to be worn if you need a boost in confidence, mental stability, happiness or to increase positive energy.

Gem therapists attribute heliodor with many healing properties. They believe this gem could cure the complications associated with various diseases as it possesses a divine ability to ease pains and aches while strengthening one’s immune system.

Disclaimer: Use of any stone or mineral is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

Is Heliodor a Birthstone?

Heliodor is not an official modern birthstone. However, this gemstone makes an excellent substitute for the November birthstone, citrine.

Heliodor Facts

  • Heliodor ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Heliodor displays a unique golden yellow color due to trace amounts of iron.
  • Shop LC sources our supply of golden heliodor from Brazil.
  • Heliodor undergoes heat treatment to enhance color.
  • It is also referred to as yellow beryl or golden beryl.