How To Clean Watches At Home

Category: Tips | Date: 10/23/2020

A watch creates a stylistic expression about an individual's personality. It is no more a primary, utility time telling machine. Gradually, it transformed itself into more of a fashion accessory. In the digital world, it is a piece of jewelry to highlight the wrist. It is believed to be the reflection of the inner style and character of a person. With many options available, choosing a watch that suits the persona is a challenge.

Proper care makes wristwatches look attractive even after years. Regular cleaning will maintain the desired luster look.

How to Clean

How to Clean?

From traditional to modern, cleaning watches in the right way will keep it looking good and prevent any damage. The different kind of material is a significant aspect to uphold the quality of them. Below are some of the tips and recommendations for cleaning the watches in trend.

Watches consist of two parts - the forefront with watch face and the strap.

Watch face

Clean Watches


Clean the dial with a chamois cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush dipped into the warm and mild soapy water. Gently scrub the watch face to remove the dust and dirt accumulated. Do not use it vigorously as it can build scratches.

Studded with Crystals

If the dial of the watch has markings or crystals, use a Q-tip. Moisten the Q-tip and roll it across. Avoid rubbing. It can take the paint off along with the dirt.

Vintage Watch

How to Clean

The vintage watches require special cleaning. If there are some fingerprints on the watch face, a gentle rub with an eraser will wipe them off. It will do the work without any scratches on the glass or metal.

Use a gentle metal cleaner and target the parts where the dirt is most common. Avoid usage of harsh chemicals and bleaching agents. If not sure, always take the help of professionals. Experts can polish away scratches. At the same time, the jeweler can also perform regular tune-ups.

The Watch Bands

Watches with Leather/Vegan Strap

Remove the strap before cleaning it. Wipe off the coarse dirt or debris on the belt with a soft dry cloth. Clean it with soapy water dampen cloth. Remove the foamy residue with another moisten cloth. Let it air dry. Do not use a hairdryer or put it in direct sunlight to dry the strap. Apply the leather conditioner after the belt is arid. Lastly, attach it to the watch face.

Metal Watch Bands

While a sturdy material, the metal watchband requires extra care. Be it stainless steel, silver, gold, or any other, the polish begins to dull over time. The openings between the links are privy to settling dust and dirt. It can lead to wear or even corrosion.

Remove initial layers of dirt or grime by wiping the watch with a soft cloth or paper towel. The microfiber or chamois cloth will give the best results. Dip the watch in lukewarm soapy water for a while. If the wristwatch is not water-resistant, dip only the strap. Gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush to get into the crevices of the bracelet. Apply the pressure with care since it can invite unwanted scratches. Rinse with clean, warm water and pat it dry with a soft lintfree cloth. Refresh the shine by spraying glass cleaner on a soft cloth and wiping down the watch face, case and bracelet.

How to Clean

Nylon Strap

Nylon watch bands are easy to clean. Just detach the nylon band from the watch face. Put them into your load of laundry. Keep it in a separate mesh bag, or else it will get misplaced. After wash air dry it. Avoid hair dryer or direct sunlight.

Rubber Watch Bands

How to Clean

Rubber watch bands require equal care as that of metal watch bands. It absorbs sweat and oils, leading cracks and breaks. To clean properly, immerse a soft toothbrush into the warm soapy water, scrub the inside and outside of the band. Rinse it with clean water and let it air dry. To be on the safer side, use rubber protectants to keep the strap soft and pliable. It will help prevent cracks.

Below are some of the caring tips that can prevent the watch from damaging looks

  • Take off the watch before exercise or any other rigorous physical activity
  • Avoid keeping it in extreme heat, cold, and humidity
  • Even the water-resistant designs can rust due to saltwater exposure, swimming or sweating
  • Clean excess moisture and any lotion build-up
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth daily
  • Deep clean it once a month, if worn daily

How to Clean

Timepieces are delicate instruments! All the cleaning will go in vain if they are not stored correctly. Use a watch box or a storage cabinet for long-term storage. Take good care and it will be a treasure forever. Whether it's men or women, watches are a complement to the lifestyles and personalities.