IGI Certification

The history of gemstones is as old as the human civilization. They have been an enchanting companion to us in the form of cosmetic ingredients, ritualistic catalysts, and the symbol of status. The rarity and authenticity of a gem determine its value, and while rarity depends on nature's creative forces, the authenticity is to be tested with great precision.


The original value's determination is most important when it comes to precious gemstones. As consumers do not possess the necessary know-how to determine the gems' exact value, the best way to play safe is to look for appropriate certifications. While investing big money, the road to a safe investment is paved by the industry experts standing as sentinels to your purse. One such testimony to a safe investment is the IGI certification issued by the International Gemological Institute. If you have been planning to invest in precious gemstones, then you must keep certification at the pedestal along with the desired charm.

The process of determining the value and origin, I.e., natural, lab-grown, or simulated, includes using the latest technology, and only experienced professionals are appointed for the process. The professionals adhere only to the strictest international guidelines for the process. Only after the gemstones pass the standard test, they issue a grading report standing as testimony to their authenticity.


IGI adheres to its mission of providing the gemstone trade parties a healthy environment for secured investment. The process of determining the diamond's value undertakes four important parameters known as the carat, the color, clarity, and the finish. Let us look at each of the parameters with a little more depth.

CARAT: The carat weight of diamonds is an essential factor for comprehending its market value. The IGI conducts the weighing of the diamonds in hand with the state of the art requirements, and only after careful assessment, the carat weight is determined.

COLOR: Color is another crucial factor that determines the value of the diamond. The color is determined from a scale of 'D' denoting colorless to 'Z' denoting yellow. It is conducted by comparing the color of the master stones. Florescence is also determined for ascertaining the collect value.

CLARITY: An expert gemologist is appointed to determine the gem's clarity using special magnification tools. The clarity is denoted from internally flawless to included or imperfect.

FINISH: The diamond's finish includes many factors such as proportions, symmetry, and fine polish. Each of these parameters is equally important for determining the perfect value of the diamond.


The IGI has stood as the symbol of great authority and has its importance in the gem testing business. Let's have a look at why this institution is so important for the gem industry.

GLOBAL RECOGNITION: The certifications issued by IGI are recognized globally, making the global trade of gems safe and secured. With a wide presence throughout the globe, IGI is genuinely a pioneer.

DIVERSIFIED EXPERTISE: IGI looks after a wide variety of gemstones that includes natural, simulated, and lab-created gems.

HEART AND ARROW DIAMONDS: IGI is also the global leader in hearts and arrows diamond grading that requires cutting edge technology and divine precision.