What Does Jardin Mean?

This article is an earnest attempt from ShopLC to bring some exciting piece of information to the lovers of Jardin Collection jewelry. Jardin Collection is an in-house brand of ShopLC, which ensures a close quality check with a range of different designs. The love for the garden inspires the name of this amazing collection.

Jardin is a French word for garden or gardener. It was also a surname of a family. It has a history as Jardin families were spread across many different places like the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Jardin families were found in the USA in 1920. 5 Jardin families were living in Maine in 1840. Members of Jardin families were mainly into menial jobs like labor or gardeners; these were the only jobs available at the time. It's a brief history connected with the word Jardin.

What Does a Garden (Jardin) Symbolize?

Gardens are man's feeble attempt to capture nature into their backyard and personalize a small part of nature to please their sense of sight, smell, and thoughts. In some mythology, a garden is referred to as the Garden of Eden. Gardens are generally known as earthly heaven created by God as a safe enclosure.

Gardens are also considered as a true reflection of one's soul and innocence. It also symbolizes the conscious effort of creating your beauty, unlike forest, which is a natural phenomenon. Gardens are typically considered feminine and represent fertility. Spending some alone time in a garden may positively affect a person's emotions and sense of well-being.

What it Takes to Bring a Collection like Jardin to Life?

With the understanding of what a garden is and what it symbolizes, Shop LC's expert artisans work relentlessly to bring the designs on paper to reality. A touch of nature can be found in each piece of jewelry that falls under the Jardin Collection. One could quickly identify a Jardin Collection piece as flowers, petals, and charms of fairies are added to each of its creations.

If you are someone who loves gemstones like pearls, jade, or shungite but wants to style these gems with an added tinge of creativity, then Jardin Collection is the answer. All the pieces from this collection are designed and crafted on a garden theme to ensure the collection name justifies its beauty. The gorgeous floral design made out of gemstones and various material is complemented with silver frames, be it a ring, a pair of earrings, or dangling pendants to beautify your neckpieces. All the ornaments from Jardin Collection are crafted to showcase the beauty of gardens and are sure to offer a unique upliftment to any look. A close look at the Jardin Collection can be encountered by browsing the brand section of the website.