Inspired when he inherited his grandfather's rock collection in 1965, John decided to follow in his rock hound footsteps. John found himself with the opportunity to turn his passion into his profession. In 1981 John quit his full time railway conductor job and ventured into the jewelry business.

At the 1984 wholesale jewelry show in Tucson Arizona he began to collect cut polish and sell opal and other assorted gemstones. In the late 90's he was approached by customers asking for Canadian ammolite. At that time, he had no idea what Canadian ammolite was however being a Canadian he began his investigation.

The rolling colors displayed in the organic gemstone hooked him immediately. John began his search for wholesale purchasing of ammolite. Later in 2004 John met a wholesaler that had what he was looking for in quality. He partnered with this wholesaler and built a business which is known as the largest supplier of ammolite.

Interesting Fun Facts About Ammolite

  • Alberta" Canada is the only location in the world today that produces Ammolite.
  • Ammolite is extremely rare.
  • 2015 a new facility for mining opened in Lethbridge Canada.
  • Ammolite is found on the upper shell of the ammonites’ fossil.
  • Shell is called ammonite with N.
  • Gemstone is called Ammolite with L.