When searching for a pure gemstone, there are no shades of gray. And with Xia Kunzite, that's a fact.

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When searching for the perfect gem, one can take years in their quest. That is why a find of any pure gemstone is a cause for celebration. Xia Kunzite is one such example. A brilliant and pure gem, it is a recent find.

Approximately two years ago, in 2014, we received reports of a new stone being unearthed around São José da Safira, Brazil. Milton Godinho, the mine's owner, presented a blinding example of material found within the mine. Immediately enamored with the potential this represented for our audience, we voraciously purchased all rough leaving the mine over the course of the next two years.

Xia Kunzite is a pure and colorless stone. Our resident gem experts have compared this material to the highest quality 'D' grade diamond. Diamonds of this grade are the most coveted, as they display no additional elements of color.

Typically, kunzite is frequently sought after as a replacement stone. Prices rise to as much as $1000 per carat. The few examples of Xia Kunzite going to market have fetched between $300-$500 per carat. As a newly discovered gem, the price is expected to rise in the immediate future.

Through painstaking effort, we've been able to assemble a limited event to showcase this brand new, exclusive gemstone. Bound to become a collector's stone, Xia Kunzite is a specimen without peer. See for yourself and believe!



• One of the very few known appearances of pure kunzite. Most material is tinged a delicate pink, or sometimes green, color.

• Comparable to 'D' grade diamond. Completely without additional color.

• Kunzite displays perfect cleavage in two directions.

• Xia Kunzite possesses phosphorescent qualities, reflecting evening light in a beautiful fashion.

• Our cutters have shaped the stone with extra facets to better bring forth its beauty.

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Location: Brazil

Xia Kunzite is sourced from the Sao Jose do Safira mine from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Of the eight shafts used to hunt for incredible gemstones, the Xia shaft has proved one of the richest. It is the only known source for this incredibly flawless gem. It has only been found in the last two years in limited supply. Miners must travel more than 500 meters down tunnels over 100 meters deep in search of this prized material.



  • Ranks 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • A pure, colorless gem.
  • Sourced from the Sao Jose do Safira mine of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • No known treatments.