Lucy Q Collection

Category: Collection | Date: 11/06/2020

Lucy Q Collection is all about class, rhythm, and creativity. The impressive collection of jewelry features minimalistic designs inspired by nature. A wide range of earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings are crafted in durable metal of 925 sterling silver. Designed with love and passion, Lucy Q offers a signature look to your timeless style.

Lucy Q

About Lucy Q

Lucy Quartermaine is a well-known jewelry designer and silversmith. Her contemporary jewelry recites the beautiful tales of creativity. The award winning designer developed a passion for jewelry making from a young age and designed her own jewel when she was just 16 years old. She attained a degree in Jewelry and Metalwork Design from Sheffield Hallam University in 2003 to give life to her dreams. In 2007, Lucy created her brand, which became popular instantly. Today, several celebrities and A-listed cosmopolitans wear her incredible jewelry pieces. Lucy has won various prestigious accolades like UK Designer of the Year, Trendsetter’ in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100, Designer of the Year, and many more for her fabulous work.

Lucy Q

Innovative Designs Inspired by Nature

The symphony of nature inspires the stunning pieces from the Lucy Q collection. The beautiful jewelry is available with the designs of drops, splashes, leaves, flowers and unending motions of everyday life. Lucy creates remarkable pieces with organic shapes and fluidity of everyday life. Her collection represents a fantastic blend of her ambition, knowledge, and perfection. The innovative and playful jewelry of Lucy Q has become a brand that you will reach for every occasion.

Lucy Q

Beauty of Sterling Silver

Each piece of the Lucy Q Collection is expertly crafted in sterling silver with rose gold and yellow gold finish. The durable and hypoallergenic metal makes a perfect wear for every skin type. Lucy Q jewelry offers minimalistic designs with excellent finish and shine. Style your evening party look or a more casual one with incredibly crafted Lucy Q jewelry that is both minimalistic and contemporary.