Marialite Gemstone

A rare mineral and often considered a collector's gemstone Marialite is a variety of scapolite.

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First discovered in 1866 Marialite was discovered by Gerhard vom Rath a German mineralogist. He named his find after his wife Maria. This gem is a variety of scapolite that is rich in sodium content.

Gem quality Marialite is often found in a honey-yellow color. Other varieties exist including violet orange and pink. Very rarely it can display a chatoyancy or cat's eye effect. Other rare varieties of Marialite include purple and rainbow colors. When cut Marialite shows a brilliant and vitreous luster. This gemstone is not usually treated though pink and lavender varieties are occasionally heat treated to improve color.



• Marialite is thought to be a stone of achievement and can assist in finding solutions to problems.

• In traditional Hindu belief systems Marialite is thought to balance the flow of energy in the lower chakras as well as Anahata or the heart chakra which governs decision-making and emotions such as love.

• Marialite is believed to promote change and provide inspiration.

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Location: Tanzania and Madagascar

Marialite of gemstone quality is relatively rare despite being found in several locations worldwide. Tanzania is often thought to provide the best quality material and Marialite can also be found in Brazil Canada Italy Kenya Madagascar Mexico Namibia Norway and the United States.

This gem has a volcanic origin and is found in environments with high pressure or high temperature.

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  • Marialite occurs in volcanic rocks a result of a high-pressure high-temperature environment.
  • Canada is known for a mottled variety of Marialite.
  • With Marialite the gem-quality yield from rough can be as low as 15%.
  • The cat's eye effect most often occurs in green brown and gray varieties of Marialite.
  • Marialite rates 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale for hardness.