Mosaic Opal

Fiery opal fragments combine into a single sparkling gemstone, forming Australian Mosaic Opal.

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Borrowing from the ancient traditions of mosaic creation, Australian Mosaic Opal is a gemstone assembled from the individual fragments of fiery Australian opals. The finest pieces of opal that cannot be shaped into traditional gems are arranged against a dark field of material. The arrangement is agonized over so that the finished product will possess the expected opal play of color This is then capped with a layer of transparent resin or glass, both to protect the precious opal chips within and to allow more light to play across the shimmering surface of the opal gem composite. Once polished, the finished product can compare to the finest available specimens regarding color and fire.



• Australian Mosaic Opals are sometimes referred to as chip opals, or chip opal triplets.

• This gem is a birthstone for the month of October.

• Australian Mosaic Opals, along with other opal varieties, are considered a lucky stone.

• Mosaic Opal possesses phosphorescent qualities, reflecting evening light in a beautiful fashion.



Location: Australia

Australian Mosaic Opals are assembled gemstones, though the opal fragments used within this gem originate from Australia. These opal pieces are samples that may be too small for shaping into a gem of its own, or a piece from a larger cutting.



  • As an assembled triplet gemstone, Australian Mosaic Opal does not possess the standard hardness of opals. It measures five on the Mohs scale.
  • The term for the fire displayed within opals is called "play of color." Often it is erroneously called opalescence.