Amazon quartz Gemstone

Like night and day, Amazon quartz presents a stark transition of color not seen elsewhere.

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What is a Bicolor Gemstone?

Amazon quartz is a bicolor quartz gemstone. Bicolor gems display two separate colors. This occurs due to a phenomenon known as color zoning. Color zoning shows a distinct difference of color within a single stone. Usually manifesting as bands of lighter and darker tones of a single hue, rarely is more than one color present. Amazon quartz is an unusual example of a gemstone with color zoning in two distinct colors.

What Color is Amazon Quartz?

Amazon quartz pairs the zesty citrus yellows of citrine with the obfuscating mystery of smoky quartz. Amazon quartz combines these two distinct colors into finished stones that possess a perfect balance of color. Every Amazon quartz is carefully cut and shaped to offer equal portions of color in finished gemstones.

Other Amazon Quartz Properties

Quartz is one of the most popular gemstone choices, and for good reason. Ranking seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, it’s suitably scratch resistant. Combined with good toughness, Amazon quartz is a ruggedly durable gemstone, ideal for daily wear.

Octagons are a great shape for Amazon quartz. In addition, baguette-shaped stones make an appearance. Both shapes are ideal for showcasing the stark contrast from the happy yellows of citrine with the moody grays and blacks of smoky quartz. With options for everyone, you’ll find finished specimens ranging in size from one to fifteen carats.

Amazon quartz is quartz with life! These stones possess the top level of brilliance found in bicolor citrine-smoky quartz gemstones. They represent the finest material found in Brazil. Quartz is known for taking an excellent polish, and its vitreous luster. Stones are eye-clean, letting the drama of its color captivate and entrance.



Amazon Quartz as a Protective Stone

• Yellow citrine has long been regarded by ancient cultures as a protective stone. Symbolizing the sun and light, citrine was believed to possess lifesaving properties. It was also known as the “merchant’s stone,” for citrine supposedly brought prosperity to its owner in business dealings.

• Meanwhile, smoky quartz was also seen as a protective stone. If it’s bearer was in immediate danger, stories would tell of smoky quartz gemstones darkening to warn their owner of this impeding danger.

Amazon Quartz or Smoketrine?

• Amazon quartz is sometimes known as smoketrine in the gem trade. Where ametrine combines amethyst and citrine to create its name, smoketrine obviously combines smoky quartz and citrine in the same manner. In addition to smoketrine, Amazon quartz may also be known as citrine-smoky quartz or smoky quartz-citrine.

• Amazon quartz is so named to pay homage to its Brazilian origin, and the importance of the Amazon rainforest to the Brazilian people. It’s a unique gem as special as its country of origin!

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Location: Brazil

Bicolor gemstones rarely occur in nature. Often, these are single deposits of limited supply. Amazon quartz is one such stone. It is only known to occur within the Marabá deposit. Marabá is found in the eastern portion of Pará, a state located in Northern Brazil. This region is home to one of the largest amethyst mines in the entire country.


The discovery of Amazon quartz occurred in the early 2000’s. While prospectors were exploring amethyst-rich deposits in the region, they stumbled upon an incredible find. Among the amethyst, the explorers uncovered bicolor smoky quartz material. Displaying unusual color combinations, the most fascinating was bicolor citrine-smoky quartz. This rare material would become the focus of the expedition.

These gems were a unique opportunity. Over the next three months, the partners mined this exciting new material. While some of it entered the gemstone market right away, one partner held onto a significant amount of his share.

Thanks to our wide connections within the industry, Shop LC was able to reach out to this remaining mine partner and acquire his limited supply of bicolor citrine-smoky quartz; what would later become christened as Amazon quartz.

With such a limited supply, great care was required in processing this material. To create gems with a fifty-fifty color split, up to 80-percent of material was lost. Many specimens displayed a single color in up to 90-percent of the material! Amazon quartz may also undergo additional enhancement through heating. Most often, this is done to decrease the saturation of color within the smoky quartz segment.


• Ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness.

• Amazon quartz combines the colors of citrine and smoky quartz into a unique, genuine gemstone.

• Shop LC sources our supply from Brazil

• Amazon quartz undergoes heating to enhance the color of the stone.

• May also be known as smoketrine, citrine-smoky quartz, or smoky quartz-citrine.