Ruby zoisite Gemstone

Ruby zoisite is a uniquely occurring natural blend of red ruby and green zoisite crystals with a blend of black hornsblende inclusions only found in Tanzania.

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Ruby zoisite is a uniquely blended gemstone combining elements of red ruby green zoisite and black hornsblende into an all-natural and eye-catching arrangement of colors. An opaque stone ruby zoisite is most frequently cut as a cabochon with attempts made to showcase the fascinating play of the three colors as often as possible.

Originating from single source ruby zoisite is only found in the Longido mining district of Tanzania where it was first discovered in 1954. By 1959 it was determined that there was no large deposit of rubies as originally thought but instead this unusual mottled tri-colored gemstone.

Due to the availability of larger specimens ruby zoisite is often cut into large cabochons perfect for bold statement pieces in jewelry use. In addition to this the gem is frequently carved into ornamental objects and art pieces.



• Due to its composition ruby zoisite is an astrological gemstone of the Aries and Aquarius signs.

• Crystal healers believe that the ruby component in the gemstone changes negative energy to positive and can thus help prevent over-reaction and mood swings.

• Ruby is representative of the fire element and zoisite is representative of earth. Ruby zoisite is ideal for those wishing to represent both elements and the balance of those elements.

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Location: Tanzania

First discovered in 1954 ruby zoisite is a unique single source gemstone. It is mined in the Longido mining district of Tanzania located in the northeast area of the country. An English prospector by the name of Tom Blevins discovered the gem who initially thought that he had discovered a large deposit of rubies. Instead he happened upon a one-of-a-kind blend of red ruby and green zoisite crystals included with black hornsblende material.

Cheetah on a rock in Tanzania.


  • Ruby zoisite is sometimes known as anyonlite influenced by the word “anyoli â€Â the Masai word for green.
  • Colors The gemstone ranges form 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • There are no known treatments for ruby zoisite.
  • Sometimes confused for jadeite ruby zoisite is distinguished by its distinct red and pink hues.
  • Other varieties of zoisite include tanzanite and thulite.