Sajen Silver jewelry is a blend of ethnic, cultural and spiritual concepts brought to live in contemporary designs. Each piece from the collection is hand drawn design and utilize high quality gemstones. The fascinating gems are chosen for their special healing properties. Every piece has a deep inspiration, unique look making part of the Sajen identity.


In 1987, the newlywed couple, Marianna and Richard Jacobs lived in a roof bamboo house in the rice paddies of Bali, Indonesia. Richard Jacobs, a graduate student at Yale School of Art, won a Luce Scholarship to paint and teach at Bali, Indonesia.
For 30 years, Marianna and Richard have worked together designing jewelry. The jewelry combines their love of fine art with the healing properties of stones and the traditions of inherent cultures to create unique and limited collectibles to wear.


The influence of Balinese culture is very much visible in Jacob’s designs and artwork. Balinese people have a tradition of making beautiful offerings to please Gods. These offerings include flowers, petals, rice, leaves, or anything simple and connected to nature. This everyday ritual had impressed Marianna and Richard, and they named their collection Sajen which means offerings in Balinese. Their designs are fine artworks based on nature.


Sajen Silver jewelry is a beautiful collaboration of nature-inspired incredible designs and colorful gems. The fabulous artwork set in sterling silver makes them the unique collection to own for every jewelry lover. The rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces from the Sajen Silver collection display exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece is made with heart and soul to bring out the most refined artistry.