Santa Fe Style

Category: Collection | Date: 06/28/2020

Santa Fe Style is a beautiful jewelry art from the American Southwest region. The ancestral Pueblo architecture and the Spanish missions in New Mexico inspire it. Also known as 'The Pueblo Revival style,' it highlights the landscape of the southwest. This jewelry boasts the region's crystal-clear purple and blue skies. It also portrays the golden-hued sand and spectacular red rock.

Design Elements and Spiritual Significance

Santa Fe style

The leading model of Santa Fe jewelry is animals, birds, and tribal deities. rain, lightning, clouds, human and geometric patterns. The acrobats, spirit, and kachina figures are favorable designs for this style.

The natives' associated these patterns/designs with positive beliefs and meanings, namely:

Santa Fe style

  • Clouds, Rain, Lightning: symbols of change, renewal, and fertility
  • Morning Star: the brightest star on the dawn's horizon and a sign of courage and purity of spirit
  • The Sun: giver of life, warmth, growth, and all that is good and well
  • The Zia: stands for the repetition of life on earth (circle of life)
  • Feathers: symbols of prayers, sources of ideas, and marks of honor
  • Wolf Tracks/Bear Paws: symbols of authority and leadership
  • The Snake: medicinal; used in healing and fertility rituals

Santa Fe style

The designs, such as the cross or naja (downwards crescent shape), portray a high social status.

The natives believe the idea that the world consists primarily of humans. Most of these humans transformed into animals. It gave the reason for Native Americans' to have a close bond with animals because of their shared ancestry. The tribal people consider the animals as the highest esteem figures.

Metal and Most Favorable Gemstones

Santa Fe style

The artisans craft this jewelry primarily from the nickel-free sterling silver. They supposed this metal strengthens the effects of gemstones. The uses of turquoise define the character and quality of this exquisite craftsmanship. This gemstone exudes vivid hues of intense blue, brilliant purple, and pale green. Natives particularly coveted it as a belief to attract noble spirits. This type of jewelry consists of bones, coral, and shells with the base of metal. The spiny oyster shell adds various designs. They also incorporate lapis, onyx, opal, and mother-of-pearl to set a decorative pattern of many colors.

Creation of Santa Fe Style Jewelry

This traditional and local art form is widely popular and appreciated globally. This jewelry style reflects the artistry of villages from the American Southwest. Though not crafted here. The areas of Germany, Japan, and Australia treasure this style.

Santa Fe Style jewelry depicts flavorful styles and lively colors. This collection adds a dose of energy when worn. It offers plenty of opportunities to feast your eyes on contemporary art.