Treasured for centuries, the rich cornflower hue of Ceylon blue sapphire continues to captivate, both old and new. Once considered one of the five precious gemstones, sapphires have long been objects of desire. Sapphires occur throughout the world, but gems originating from Ceylon were considered the best concerning quality in antiquity. Shop LC provides you a chance to connect with the past and embrace the history of this incredible blue gemstone.

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Determining Ceylon Blue Sapphire Value

Is Ceylon blue sapphire valuable? The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This is no different when determining what Ceylon blue sapphire is worth. These guidelines will help you choose sapphire stones for your collection.

  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire Color

Blue sapphires are widely known. Though, sapphire also occurs in a vast spectrum of other colors. Ceylon blue sapphire, however, is known for a particular blue hue, resembling the cornflower. Ranging from light to dark, these blue jewels represent what many consider to be the quintessential sapphire gemstone.

  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire Clarity

Sapphires are known to possess a very good clarity, with view visible inclusions, if any. These transparent stones cleanly reflect light throughout the gemstone, illuminating the stone. Expect Ceylon blue sapphires to appear eye-clean, with few visible inclusions, if any are present at all. Inclusions form within gemstones during the natural processes that create them and indicate a gemstone’s natural formation and identity.

  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire Cut

Shop LC offers Ceylon blue sapphires in many of the popular calibrated shapes and sizes. Rounds will be the most common shape, as it’s also the most popular. Ovals also enjoy a significant following. The shape is an excellent choice as it gives a larger gem’s appearance without the associated cost of buying one. Other shapes, like square, may also be present thanks to the stone’s robust nature.

  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire Carat

Carat is a substantial determinant of ascertaining the value of the gemstone. Every increased carat weight adds more value to the gemstone. At Shop LC, the gemstone is available in sizes from 2 mm to 7x5 mm. The larger sizes that weigh more in this variety of sapphire are rare and command a higher value.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Treatment

Ceylon blue sapphire undergoes the most commonly accepted heat treatment. It includes gemstone’s exposure to high temperatures for improved color and clarity. There are different varieties of sapphires that are widely accepted and appreciated for notable inclusion. But this coveted variety is famous for its eye-clean surface and is heat-treated for removing inclusions.

Caring for Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Ceylon blue sapphire is a very durable stone! Ranking nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, this gemstone is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion. It possesses an excellent toughness, meaning it handles knocks and dings very well. Ceylon blue sapphire, thus, is a perfect choice for a gemstone you want to wear daily. Though the gemstone is heat-treated, it doesn’t require any additional care. You can clean it in a warm, soapy solution with the aid of a soft-bristled brush.

Also, avoid gemstone’s prolonged exposure to sun rays. Ultrasonic and steam cleaner are safe for this heat-treated variety of sapphire as well.

Storage is as necessary as following the jewelry care routine. You can store your sapphire jewels in a fabric-lined jewelry box. They are great assistance in protecting your valuables from dust and tarnish.

Who Can Wear Ceylon Blue Sapphire?

Ceylon blue sapphire will indeed be an enchantress to anyone who loves pure blue hues. The relative hardness of the gemstone makes it perfect for daily and occasional wear. Blue is a color that transitions well between seasons, making Ceylon blue sapphire ring, earrings, bracelet, or pendant a great choice for your signature jewelry piece.

Whether the metal is white, yellow, or rose, the captivating blue hues compliments all. It makes a great companion to a black gown party.

How Does Ceylon Blue Sapphire Compare to Other Blue Stones?

Most of the varieties of the blue sapphire draw comparison with tanzanite. Tanzanite was mistaken as the variety of sapphire during its discovery years. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the violets- blue of tanzanite and cornflower of blues of sapphire are compared after all these years.

And while the color shift of tanzanite reminds of transitions of colors of the sea, gazing into a Ceylon blue sapphire is akin to watching a cloudless summer sky.

Where Does Ceylon Blue Sapphire Come From?

Shop LC sources the gemstone from Sri Lanka, the sapphire capital of the world. Originally known as Ceylon under British rule, Ceylon became Sri Lanka in 1972 after a 30-year civil war. Sri Lanka is one of the leading gem producing countries globally, known for the quality of its moonstone and sapphire. Ratnapura, known as the “City of Gems,” is the primary producer of Ceylon blue sapphire, but material continues to be found all over the island.

How is Ceylon Blue Sapphire Mined?

A strictly regulated industry in Sri Lanka, most mining is still carried out through primarily traditional means. Artisanal mining in Sri Lanka is very straightforward. The extract, which is majorly mined, constitutes a mixture of sand, dirt, and gravel, which is then hauled by workers to the surface. It’s then washed through panning techniques, removing the lighter materials, leaving only the gravel behind. If the miners have been lucky that day, sapphire rough is also found!

Miners in Sri Lanka are highly motivated. Often, a mining financier feeds, houses, and pays a wage to miners. When rough gemstones are discovered, miners also receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of rough.

The government strictly regulates the use of machinery in mining. Primarily, this is to preserve the environment and to secure sustainability within the industry. Once a mine is exhausted, the land is reclaimed to its former status. Post-mining, topsoil is replaced, restoring the location. This makes gemstones from Sri Lanka some of the most ethically sourced gemstones on the market today.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Properties

What Does Ceylon Blue Sapphire Mean?

Sapphire traces its name in several famous legends. In the ancient world, the gemstone is thought to be connected to the heavens. Different Bible versions also state sapphire as one of the stones in Aaron’s breastplate. Blue sapphire is also associated with Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Many medieval texts also averred gemstones’ strong alliance with healing different ailments of eyes. Sapphire also marks its place in the history of Greece and Rome. The stone is said to protect the owner from harm and envy. Also, ancient Persians believe that earth rests on a giant sapphire that makes the sky blue!

The traditional symbolism of sapphire is also associated with virtues like truth and faithfulness. Other than that, the gemstone also attains the reputation of “wisdom stone.” It is considered to be excellent assistance in achieving no different. The gemstone gains popularity as the anecdote for snakes’ poison.

Sapphires are also said to be strongly connected with love. It brings harmony in relationships and stands for faithfulness. Apart from being a popular pick for lovers, gem therapists also recommend using sapphire to dispel negative thoughts.

Disclaimer: Use of any stone or mineral is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

Is Ceylon Blue Sapphire a Birthstone?

Sapphire is the modern September birthstone, and blue sapphire is traditional favorite sapphire. The gemstone is a traditional gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary. Ceylon blue sapphire makes a fantastic gift for anyone who values tradition and history, or loves blue!

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Facts

  • Ceylon blue sapphire ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Ceylon blue sapphires represent the quintessential cornflower sapphire blue, ranging in tone from light to dark.
  • Shop LC sources Ceylon Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka.
  • Ceylon Blue sapphire undergoes heat treatment.
  • The chemical formula of the gemstone is Al2O3.