Chocolate Sapphire Gemstone

Exhibiting warm cocoa shades, Chocolate Sapphire adds a sweet touch you can sink your teeth into.


Warm and Velvety

Decadent, desirable, and delicious, Chocolate Sapphire is a brown variety of sapphire. The color can be compared to the finest milk chocolate candies on the market. Smooth, warm and satisfying, this stone is a fun way to introduce a surprising neutral tone in your palette.

Smooth as Silk

It owes its opaque appearance to the presence of numerous inclusions within the stone. Generally, an inclusion might be considered an undesirable trait in a gem. In Chocolate Sapphire, however, these inclusions provide a silky texture to the jewel, lending it the appearance of milky-smooth chocolate when viewed.

Eye Candy

This sapphire variety is not commonly found on the market. As a variety of corundum, its durability lends a toughness that makes it ideal for use in jewelry. This stone is frequently faceted into popular contemporary shapes.

Whereas the majority of corundum mined today is treated or enhanced in some way, Chocolate Sapphire is special, as it has undergone no additional treatments.



A Scrumptious September Birthstone

• Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for September. While many think of the traditional blue stone in association with the month, September babies are luckier than that! Spoiled for choice, corundum is available in a rainbow of color. Chocolate sapphire joins these ranks, providing an unusual and enticing option.

• In addition, sapphire is associated with Taurus (21 April – 21 May) in the tropical zodiac. A sweet gem is the perfect way to show affection towards the hard working Taurean in your life.



Location: Zawadi, Kenya

Chocolate sapphire hails from Zawadi, Kenya. In Swahili, zawadi means "gift." And the Chocolate Sapphire from this African country is truly something to treasure.

North Eastern Kenya

Zawadi is located in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. With a semi-arid desert climate, water is in scarce supply. Rainfall occurs sporadically throughout the year, generally concentrated around April and October.

Mining for this sapphire occurs near the border of the province, which it shares with Somalia. A combination of specialized machinery and traditional methods are used to wrest the jewel from the Earth.

 Zawadi, Kenya, the source of chocolate sapphire gemstone.



• Ranks 9 on the Mohs scale.

• Color presents as a warm and velvety chocolate brown.

• Sourced from Zawadi, Kenya.

• No known treatments.