Madagascar pink sapphire

Madagascar pink sapphire is a dazzling and vibrant precious gemstone known for its exquisite color. While all sapphires are beautiful pink sapphires are incredibly sought after due to their lovely blushing hues. Madagascar Pink Sapphire can range in color from a delicate warm pink to a violet-tinged pink. Pink sapphires are frequently used in engagement rings because their light color has exceptional brilliance luster and fire and because sapphires are associated with faithfulness and sincerity.

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What is pink sapphire?

Sapphire along with her sister gemstone ruby belongs to the corundum group of gemstones considered one of the hardest minerals on Earth. The term corundum is thought to originate from the Indian "kauruntaka" or the Sanskrit "kuruvinda." However, the name sapphire is from the Latin "sapphirus" meaning blue the color most frequently associated with this gemstone.

According to the world-renowned color experts at Pantone pink will be an extremely popular color palette for 2014 making this precious stone all the more fashionable. However it is important to note that difficult mining conditions have increased pink sapphire's rarity.




• A symbol of nobility or a noble soul sapphire is historically recognized as a gem of monarchs class and affluence.

• Ancient accounts allege that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on tablets of sapphire.

• Early Persians believed that the heaven was a sapphire.

• The explorer Marco Polo mentioned spotting sapphires during voyage to the island of modern-day Sri Lanka in a book recounting his journeys.

• Sapphires are associated with good fortune goodness sacredness knowledge honesty and loyalty.

• The British Crown Jewels features huge sapphires meant to imply an astute ruler with high moral standards.

• In Greek mythology Prometheus the Titan who molded man from clay and gave him the gift of fire was the first to wear sapphire.

• Sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn.

• Sapphire may guard against injury toxic vibes and evil thoughts.

• Sapphire symbolizes a noble soul.

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Location: Madagascar

While the traditional sources for pink sapphire have been Sri Lanka in recent years new sources of fine pink sapphire were discovered in Africa with the richest deposits in Madagascar and Tanzania. Shop LC obtains beautiful and fine-quality pink sapphire from mines in Madagascar

 Pink sapphire stone mine from Madagascar.



• Ranks 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale.

• Colors vary from very pale baby pinks to vivid magenta-like intense pinks.

• Sourced from Madagascar.

• Member of the corundum family.

• Birthstone for September.

• Traditional gift for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

• Pink sapphires have undergone traditional heat treatments to enhance their color and clarity.