Rare, is the best way to describe Turkizite, also known as Turkish Diaspore. The gemstone possesses stunning color changing properties that present hues of soft kiwi green and pink champagne. To this day, only one location, Central Turkey, produces gemstone quality Turkizite.

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The intensity of color changes depends on the size of the Turkizite. The larger the stone, the more intense the color change. Smaller stones will exhibit a subtle color change. Pleochroism is the evident change in color which takes place as the gemstone is exposed to various wavelengths of light. A single gemstone could present a multiple of hues: soft kiwi green, lavender-blue or champagne pink to rich dark red. The Turkizite is a 100% natural beauty, no enhancements needed.

Enjoy the chameleon-like color changes throughout your day. From morning sunlight to evening candlelight, this gemstone will enchant you with its color changing hues. The highest quality specimens have excellent transparency. However inclusions are very common. The top grades are transparent and clear.

Like appraised turkizite jewelry in tanzanite is so rare that it comes to you from only one source in the world, a remote mountain area in Anatolia, Turkey. In the early 80's the gemstone was mined for commercial purposes. It is incredibly rare and can only be found in one place on Earth. It is said that there are only 5 to 6 years of mining left for this stone. The higher cost of this turkizite gemstone is attributed to its rarity; it is not often found in the regular market or jewelry stores.



• The color green is known for nurturing and strength

• All shades of green represent intelligence with the strength to absorb knowledge

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Location: Turkey

Deposits of Turkizite (Diaspore) can be found throughout the world: Arizona, Pennsylvania in the US, Argentina, Brazil, China, New Zealand and Russia. Turkey is the only location currently that produces gem-quality material.

Turkizite stone mine from Turkey.



• Turkizite is a 6.5 to 7.0 on a Mohs scale.

• Color changing gemstone

• Turkizite is an attractive and durable gemstone.

• Also known as Diaspore.

• Comparable to peridot and tanzanite.