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Want to buy a chain but not sure which one suits you? Shop LC is here for you! We understand that sometimes it’s hard to find the right chain from the variety of choices out there.

Some chains are specially made to pair with pendants, while some are designed to wear as a standalone piece. Some suit women more, while some works perfectly with men. Selection is easy if you focus on your purpose and preference.

To help you select the right chain, Shop LC have listed the most common types of chains that you need to know about.

Bead and Bar Chain:

This type of chain features small round or oval links, connected through metal bar links. Usually, straight metal link bar is standard. Despite being not so strong as other chains, Bead and bar chain looks beautiful. It is also known as a link and bar chain.

Bead Chain/Ball Chain:

This variety of chain features metal granules or small metal balls (solid or hollow). Metal granules are connected through short lengths of wire. It is also known as a pelline chain.

Box Chain:

This type of chain is made up of square links, just like a box, that is connected. This robust and durable chain looks ideal with a hanging charm or pendant.

Bismark Chain:

Resembling a fence of chain links, this variety of chain displays a tighter mesh setting. The design of the Bismark chain looks like two cable chains or curb chains with their sides neatly soldered to form a parallel length of links.

Borobudur Chain:

This variety of chain features links of coil-shaped wire layered together to form the pattern of the Borobudur chain. The chain is heated, and silver is added to make the correct design and bring the links closer. The chain design is inspired by the designs of Borobudur temple, Java, Indonesia.

Byzantine Chain:

The chain design displays a heterogeneous group of links merging into each other. The details of round and oval links of this chain look lovely.

Cable Chain:

This chain features round or oval links of the same size linked together. A popular variety of chain, it is mostly used with a pendant or a charm. The type of chain is also known as a link chain.

Curb Chain:

Favorited by both men and women, this variety of cable chain features twisted oval or round links (same size) and interlocked by diamond cut.

Fancy Chain:

This variety of chain includes standard chain type with any decoration. For example, a chain formed of heart-shaped or star-shaped links is a fancy chain.

Figaro Chain:

This type of chain features flattened links on non-uniform sizes. It comprises of 2 or 3 shorter links connected with a longer link.

Foxtail Chain:

This variety of chain features a loop chain link that comprises of two rows of tilted oval links, joined by an array of flat rings going towards the chain’s center. Each row of links is titled at a 45-degree angle. With a braided or woven look and directional grain and fullness, this chain appears as a fox’s tail.

French Rope Chain:

This variety of chain features machine flat wire. The wire link is woven into the next link without the use of solder.

Herringbone Chain:

This variety of chain features flat V-shaped links that offer a fluid quality when worn. The alternate directions of V-shaped links create a herringbone pattern.

Mariner Chain:

This classic jewelry chain design features oval links of the same size, arranged in a horizontal and vertical orientation alternatively, with a vertical bar in the middle. The simplicity of design makes its most robust chain. This chain is also known as the anchor chain.

Omega Chain:

This variety of chain features small metal plates, set next to each another and connected to an underlying mesh setup. Famous for strength and reflective qualities, this chain looks shiny.

Popcorn Chain:

Just like snake chain, this variety of chain features similar machine stamped metal. Depending on the manufacturer, the metal segments can be flat, hollow, rounded or concave.

Rope Chain:

This type of chain features oval links, connected to create a woven rope-like look. Versatile and sturdy, this chain has an interwoven look.

Rolo Chain:

This variety of chain features alternate oval or round links. With links smaller and thicker than cable chain links, the chain offers a substantial, sturdy appearance. Popularly used as charm bracelets.

Singapore Chain:

This variety of chain features an array of flat diamond cut chain links. Links are interwoven, forming a diamond shape. The links are twisted and flattened to form a chain that reflects light, offering a sparkling appeal to the chain.

Snake Chain:

This type of chain feature links that looks like a round wavy metal plate joined together to form a flexible chain. This chain resembles a smooth snakeskin. Also known as Brazilian chain or serpentine chain.

Tulang Naga Chain:

This variety of chain is famous for displaying exceptional detail and high quality. Local artisans of Bali, Indonesia handcraft this chain and it is recognized for its complex “snake scales” weave patterns.

Twisted Rope Chain:

This variety of chain is made from rope chains, twisted to create a single chain that shines from every angle.

Wheat Chain:

This variety of chain features four strands of oval and twisted oval links. Braided and woven links make the eye-catchy chain!