White Austrian Crystal Inside Out Hoop Earrings in Silvertone

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White Austrian Crystal Inside Out Hoop Earrings in Silvertone

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White Austrian Crystal Inside Out Hoop Earrings in Silvertone

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Inspired by the eternity of life, these Austrian crystal earrings symbolize wholeness. These earrings display the shimmery look of crystals both inside and outside the hoop reflecting the brilliance all over. Hoop earrings are a perfect representation of boldness and confidence, and these earrings represent the same. The latch closure on ends allows the gripping of earrings to the earlobes. The pure form of metal is hypoallergenic, thus making these earrings perfect for everyday wear. These hoop earrings can be paired with any outfit.

Learn more about our Gemstones & Gemstone Treatments.
Australian crystal displays unlimited hues with a rainbow reflection. This highly reflective gemstone is said to alleviate traces of poisoning and ease depression.
Minimum size is the measurement of the size of gemstone present in the jewelry.
Every colored gemstone has its own color range, as per hue, tone and saturation. Color of the gem plays an essential role in determining its value. However, it all depends on personal taste and one should purchase as per preference.
Transparent is a grade of gemstone clarity in which there are no inclusions. Light can easily pass through the material.
The Mohs scale of hardness is a measurement of a mineral�s hardness against ten reference minerals.
Surface enhancements like lacquering, enameling, inking, foiling, or sputtering of films are standard in jewelry design. Modern gem coatings are indistinguishable from the gemstone-like the coatings that are applied to eyeglass lenses. This enhancement improves the appearance and adds color or other special effects.
In a bezel setting, a gemstone is set inside the mounting and metal is wrapped over to hold it in place.
Hoop earrings are shaped like hoops and loop from the front of the earlobe to the back.
An alloy of zinc and copper, brass is flexible and very malleable, making it perfect for shaping into intricate jewelry designs. The resemblance to gold makes it popular for jewelry making. Also, brass is known for its strength and durability.
Height of a jewelry piece is measured vertically from the base to the top. The values are approximate and may vary due to the unique craftsmanship of jewelry.
Latch back setting features a fine groove at the end of the post that can fasten the second movable part.
Due to its extreme hardness and corrosion resistive properties, rhodium plating is applied to sterling silver and white gold. Plating of rhodium prevents tarnishing, increases the metal-life, and offers a bright silvery-white finish.

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