Accessorize in Style with Shop LC's Amethyst Pendants

    Shop LC's amethyst pendants reflect the youthful exuberance of 21st-century women. These fabulous pieces gleam with chic design and colorful allure and present a wonderful option for everyday styling.

    What makes our amethyst pendants so popular?

    Innovation Holds the Key: Our amethyst pendants offer an innovative fusion of enticing purple of this gem that is enclosed by a hoard of chic colors. The magnetic persona of the center stone adds appeal for an eye-catching presence.

    Options Galore: f you are an amethyst enthusiast than you will be glad to know that Shop LC has arranged a variety of amethyst pendants.

     Rose de France Amethyst: Rose De France amethyst is also known as lavender amethyst. It is a special variety of Brazilian amethyst and displays a delicate pastel lilac hue. The gemstone was popular in the Victorian era and has witnessed a revival in present times.

      Lusaka Amethyst: Lusaka amethyst is renowned for its well-concentrated purple and blue-violet hues that display flickers of red and indigo.

     Green Amethyst: Green amethyst is sourced from Montezuma mines, Brazil. The gem offers a rare and beautiful transparency that draws light into shades of green. Green amethyst is said to clear negativity and foster compassion.

      Uruguayan Amethyst: Uruguayan amethysts display a rich velvety look with intense deep purple color. Uruguay is the source of some of the finest amethysts we know today.

    Availability in A Variety of Metals: Metals impart their qualities to the jewelry. Whether you want your jewelry in gold or settle for a cost-effective option like stainless steel or sterling silver, you can have them all at Shop LC.

    Yellow Gold: A naturally warm hue and beautiful luster make yellow gold setting alluring. It is preferred by all those who want a posh and polished look. The combination of deep purple amethyst and yellow gold will create a majestic allure that will never go unnoticed.

    Rose Gold: Lending a romantic appeal to any gem and attire, a rose gold setting exquisitely blends well with all varieties of amethyst. Rose de France amethyst is best paired with this metal as it enhances the subtle charm and femininity of the gem.

    Sterling Silver or White Gold: In today's times, sterling silver has emerged as a classy and graceful metal choice at affordable rates. Sterling silver or white gold perfectly underscore all hues and varieties of amethyst with its sleek metallic sheen. The metals especially coordinate well with the subdued pastel shade of green amethyst.

    Stainless Steel: Another white metal combination is with stainless steel. It is the durability and cost-effectiveness that has made stainless steel setting popular. Shiny and sturdy, this metal can be polished to take on different looks. It is liked by people who prefer a strong setting that can resist every day wear and tear.

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