Beaded Bracelets

Wrap your wrist with fun, fashionable and designer beaded bracelets. Our stunning bracelets have many designs and style options to accessorize your outfit for any occasion. From stretchy and tassel to wrap beaded bracelets, select your favorite from our exclusive selection at Shop LC and let your true colors gleam with any outfit, any day of the year.


    Buy Fashionable Beaded Bracelets online at Shop LC

    Complete your looks with fashionable and trendy beaded bracelets. Perfect for giving real emphasis to the wrist, the bold colors and stylish designs of beaded bracelets go smoothly with any look. Shop LC brings an extensive collection of smart bracelets with beads, just for you. So, whether you're searching for a fascinating piece to display your chic opulence or something classy to match your office looks, we have it all.

    Beaded Bracelets - What are they?

    Beaded bracelet features a row(s) of plastic or gemstone beads of the different or similar size and color, linked together to form a complete circle. Loose beads with a hole in the center are connected by a piece of string, metal wire or elastic band. Materials, such as leather or faux leather, are often combined with colorful beads to add a refined touch to your of-the-moment look.

    No matter if you love minimalist appearance or want to make a style statement with a bold piece, Shop LC understands that everyone loves to adorn their wrists with unique and trendy bracelets. That’s why we offer a variety of beaded bracelet to blend with your outfit of the day.

    Types of Beaded Bracelets

    Beaded Wrap Bracelet: A perfect choice for all different reasons and seasons, beaded wrap bracelets are a versatile choice. It creates the look of multiple stacked bracelets in a single piece. Whether you are searching for something unique or edgy, beaded wrap bracelets are perfect for a fashionable look.

    Beaded Tassel Bracelet: Playful beaded tassel bracelets are ideal for a chic and funky look. Easy to stack, this variety of bracelets look cute. Tassels are made of metal or fabric. Matching with any outfit, these bracelets are a perfect choice to add festive pops of color and dimension. Just pair it with tassel earrings, to give your outfit a polished look.

    Beaded Stretch bracelet: Despite changing fashion trends, beaded stretch bracelets are popular as they are versatile and comfortable to wear. Stretch bracelets conform to the wrist due to the presence of elastic. Stretch bracelet is designed to add a touch of sparkle or sophistication, as per the requirement.

    Stunning Beaded Bracelets for the fashionable You

    At Shop LC, we offer a wide array of options to match your taste and budget. If you’re inclined towards a refined look, a beautiful pearl stretch bracelet is an ideal choice to match with your pearl earrings, or you can opt for a gemstone beaded bracelet for a trendy look. Browse through our collection, and we’re sure that you’ll find an ideal piece to fit seamlessly with your style. With a wide range of beaded bracelet, whatever you decide on, discover something unique and special with us!

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