What is the meaning of the color black?

    Black allows you to create an aura of mystery and intrigue and is often used to denote hidden knowledge and magic. Formal apparel is often designed in black, portraying class and wealth in a sleek and flattering finish. The color speaks of glamor, elegance and a refined appeal that's also understated. Black is associated with strength and power, giving its wearer an air of superiority that sets them apart from the rest.

    What are Shop LC’s most popular black gemstones?

    With an enthralling luster, black gemstones are hypnotic. Their mystical depth invites you to immerse yourself in their splendor. Lending you a distinctive allure and unmistakable elegance, here are the most popular black gemstone beauties at Shop LC:

    Black Diamond: Inky black diamonds offer a twist on the classic white stone. Paired together or worn alone, few match the sophistication you'll find in an elegant black diamond ring.

    Australian Black Tourmaline: The rarest of tourmalines, it's an October birthstone. Black tourmaline showcases a glossy sheen for a reflective gleam that demands attention.

    Thai Black Spinel: Known as 'blackjack' by miners, black spinel imparts a chic and compelling allure. This spinel is known for its stark inky black and enticing luster.

    Ethiopian Sable Welo Opal: This beautiful opal showcases a kaleidoscope of fiery colors against a black background, creating a magical, other-worldly effect.

    Why choose black jewelry?

    Black is a versatile color that flawlessly underscores your personality. Black stones set in gleaming metals create instant classics you'll love, no matter the occasion. Pair black gemstone jewelry with light pastels, peaches, baby pinks or powder blues for a lunch-date; adorn your neutrals and grays for a chic office look or punctuate your evening ensemble for an elegant and classy aura that inspires awe.

    Explore the mesmerizing world of black gemstone jewelry and select your favorite pieces at a daily low cost from Shop LC!

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