Women’s Cluster Rings

Looking to make a style statement? Engross yourself in a treasure trove with the impressive cluster ring collection from Shop LC, and become the center of attention. Radiating a rainbow of color and a sparkling allure that hypnotizes, a cluster ring is a perfect pick to add glamour to any ensemble.

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Cluster Rings - A Foundation of Lasting Grace and Glamour

When one stone is not enough, a cluster ring makes an excellent choice! This everlasting jewelry brings together all your favorite colors in a single piece, in fabulous patterns. Featuring a variety of gemstones, a cluster ring ties into your current mood and is stylish enough to offer a fashionable look for any event.

What Is A Cluster Ring?

This style is made up of a cluster of stones. The cluster can be of small stone with the same size or sometimes it features a bold diamond, or any colored gemstone surrounded by smaller stones in a halo setting. Technically, any ring with a halo of diamonds can be classed as a cluster but, a ring where the outer pattern follows the shape of the smaller diamonds is truly considered a cluster ring. Crafted in unusual and surprising designs, at Shop LC you can find these beautiful pieces radiating with gems. A gemstone cluster ring adds a perfect punch of glamour, class, color and style.

The Evolution of Cluster Rings

Cluster rings have been a part of women’s jewelry boxes as far back the Georgian Era. The cluster rings from this era features a heavier look as the jewelry making techniques then were cruder. Settings were made in gold with blackened silver, with heavier and more prominent prongs featuring rose and table cut diamonds. Victorian cluster rings feature more delicate prongs. This era saw the development of the classic cluster ring, the one we continue to see even in modern jewelry. The Art Deco Era flaunted clean lines and geometric motifs popular during the day.

Find a fascinating range of bridesmaid jewelry sets that can become amazing bridesmaids’ gifts or win you compliments if you are the bridesmaid. Weddings are lovely affairs that call for elegant appeal and romantic glimmer.

Cluster Engagement Ring

A certain halo cluster ring owned by a princess brought back the trend of cluster engagement rings. A diamond cluster ring is often a popular choice for an engagement ring. Classic yet modern, this style appeals to both vintage lovers and trend setters alike. In a diamond cluster ring, the collection of smaller carat weight diamonds creates a large diamond-look while remaining more affordable than an equivalent diamond solitaire ring. With a pocket-friendly price and an extra dose of sparkle, a diamond cluster ring gives you more bang for your buck.

Whether elegant floral clusters become your gateway to lifelong engagements or bold cocktail designs grab the spotlight at any upcoming event, cluster rings have always been measured as a bold fashion statement for any occasion.

Crafted in sterling silver, gold or rose gold, at Shop LC you will find classics like white diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and pearl alongside contemporaries like opal, quartz, topaz, and tanzanite, backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee.

They are the perfect accessory for any woman!

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