Ultra Violet: Pantone Color of Year 2018

    Inventive and imaginative, ultra violet is a color that challenges you to explore the mysteries of the world and beyond. An intricate, bluish-purple, this color induces the endless nature of the universe.

    The Color of Royalty

    Once relegated to the royal, the deep purple hue was an exclusive color difficult to create adding to its popularity and rarity. Amethyst was once considered extremely rare due to its difficult find, making it one of the most precious gemstones in history and leading the color purple in becoming a symbol of royalty through history. For centuries, only royals could wear this desirable color.

    Pantone Color of the Year Jewelry

    When we think about purple jewelry, the first gemstone that comes to mind is amethyst. But to the surprise of many, amethyst comes in a range of beautiful purple hues! From light to dark, pinkish to reddish and bluish, you should know exactly which gemstone best captures the mysteries vibes of this color.

    Uruguayan amethyst meets all the specifications. Deeply saturated with rich purple color, this amethyst gemstone embodies Ultra Violet. Uruguayan amethyst jewelry is an outstanding choice to add a touch of mystery to your wardrobe for 2018. Whether you are looking for a cocktail ring or a tennis bracelet, a pair of hoop earring or a princess necklace, pick your favorite piece and create a statement wherever you go.

    As there are many varieties of purple gemstone, here are our favorite selections for the trendiest jewelry styles this year:

    Lusaka Amethyst: The owner of well concentrated purple and blue-violet shades with flashes of red and indigo, after Uruguayan, Lusaka amethyst jewelry is excellent for a little spirit and soberness.

    Purple Fluorite: With rich wine hues, purple fluorite jewelry portrays a dynamic color, offering a warmer feel to any of your favorite outfits.

    Purple Garnet: This grape-colored gem is a tasty addition to your jewelry wardrobe. With a mid-range hue, purple garnet jewelry is the perfect selection for raising the fashion bar.

    Burmese Purple Jade: Yes, not only green, jade occurs in a spectrum of colors. Loaded with ancient appeal and a royal tone, Burmese purple jade jewelry is a satisfying add-on to your summer or spring wardrobe.

    Utah Tiffany Stone: The royal hues of Ultra Violet alongside creamy ivories and inky blacks makes a surprising gem. Utah Tiffany stone, with its rare and unusual appearance, makes its jewelry a one-of-a-kind piece.

    Pantone Color of the Year Accessories

    Fashion accessories are a must-have for every woman. Whether you’re a housewife or a professional, an athlete or an artist, the perfect accessory is essential for styling your look. Ultra Violet, the 2018 Color of the Year, is an excellent choice for refreshing your accessory collection this season.

    Scarf: A purple scarf offers an excellent pop of color to any of your favorite looks. With a white tee and a pair of jeans, a purple scarf makes a stylish pairing for an evening outing. Use a purple scarf as a head band with a floral print sundress for a lively feel. Or a purple scarf with your winter neutrals will offer the ideal dose of color.

    Poncho or Tunic: During summer as most of your time will be spent at pools, beaches and water parks, a purple colored poncho or tunic makes great seasonal wear. They are eye-catching, comfortable and on-trend. Enjoy your summer with the Color of the Year.

    Handbags: A must-have, handbags create an important style statement for every woman. Choosing a purple color handbag allows you to flawlessly style your look for any occasion while staying trendy.

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