There are birthday gemstones for every month, and amethyst is your choice for February birthstone jewelry. We treasure this jewel for its rich purple hue, ranging from the delicate tones of Rose de France to the deep and dreamy Uruguayan Amethyst. Some, like Moroccan Amethyst, capture intense fiery red flashes which add to the mystique of this stone.

    Over the centuries and even today, amethyst jewelry symbolizes faith, royalty, and love. In ancient myth, amethyst was thought to be a remedy against intoxication. Its sobering purple color is a great reminder of your love for someone special and makes a great gift.

    Many believe that wearing your birthstone brings luck, so why not consider these birthstone rings for February? Many prefer the classic elegance and simplicity of an amethyst solitaire ring. But if you want a taste of contemporary style, consider a multi-stone amethyst ring. Three and five stone rings are very popular for the extra color they add and the extra bling they bring.

    February birthstone jewelry doesn’t end with rings! If you’re on the fence with choosing the right piece of amethyst jewelry, consider an amethyst pendant. An amethyst pendant is a reliable one-size-fits-all option you can wear close to your heart. Expand your options by introducing chains with new textures and lengths.

    No matter your personal style, you can find the right piece of amethyst jewelry with Shop LC.

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