Why Buy Topaz Bracelets?

    Benefits of Wearing Topaz: A birthstone for the month of November, topaz is said to help stimulate untapped talents and creative ideas. The gem is also believed to gift its wearer courage, wisdom and success in all endeavors.

    Variety: Early Egyptians viewed topaz as the ‘gem of the sun’, believing that the sun god Ra bestowed it with a golden glow. Imperial topaz comes with a vibrant yellow to orange color frame with undertones of fiery red, making it a gem synonymous with luxury. This gem however is available in a variety of other colors. Choose your favorite topaz from Shop LC and enliven your appearance in a matter of seconds.

    • Clear and Colorless: White topaz and Ouro Preto diamond-cut. The clear luster and perfect cleavage shared with diamond lends this pure variety of topaz a distinct dazzle.
    • Blue:Electric blue, Marambaia and London blue topaz. Exhibiting exotic blue brilliance, blue topaz is also considered ideal for calming emotions and bringing self-confidence.
    • Coated: Modern gem coatings are indistinguishable from the gemstone like the coatings that are applied to eyeglass lenses. Mercury mystic, Pure pink mystic, Northern lights mystic and Twilights mystic topaz belong to this category. An iridescent coating gives these stunners their signature rainbow radiance.

    White, Yellow or Rose?

    Offering a marvelous palette of hues topaz lends well all three colors of metals fabulously. Here are a few tips to help you decide on your favorite topaz bracelet.

    • Sterling Silver or White Gold Topaz Bracelets: The sleek and soothing metallic sheen of these metals lends itself well to any variety of topaz. The metal exquisitely highlights any hue especially the deep colorful tones of Northern lights mystic topaz and enhances the sparkle of the colorless variety of topaz.
    • Yellow Gold Topaz Bracelets: Always associated with richness, yellow gold lends lovely warmth to gem’s hues and a regal appeal to the piece itself. The blue varieties of topaz make spectacular choices for this metal.
    • Rose Gold Topaz Bracelets: Lending romance to elegance, the rosy hue of this metal pairs beautifully with the colorless and coated variety.

    Where to Buy Topaz Bracelets?

    Once you have decided on your favorite topaz variety and metal combination, pick from the enticing collection of topaz tennis, bangle or cuff bracelets at Shop LC. Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll always pay the lowest price while shopping from our online catalog.

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