Gemstone Variations


Exotic or Rare Gemstones

Tanzanite Ring
A Beautiful Tanzanite Ring

Examples of exotic or rare gemstones:

Exotic gemstones are for those collectors who want something very few own. Gemstones are classified rare by exclusivity color changing properties and lesser known status.



Precious Gemstones

Dazzling Rubies
Dazzling Rubies

Some well-known precious gemstones:

Most commonly known gemstones are precious as well. What makes these precious are their history. Throughout the ages these stones have been revered by royalty and religious figures. They are traditionally included as gifts for special celebrations such as weddings anniversaries and birthdays.



Semi-Precious Gemstones

Citrine Ring
Fiery Citrine

Popular semi-precious gemstones:



These gemstones are known as semi-precious because of their availability. Not all semi-precious gemstones are stones some are organic materials such as amber and pearl.



Organic Gemstones

Natural Abalone embedded in a watch.
Natural Abalone

Gemstones which come from plant or animal life.



Organic gemstones are produced by living organisms. Pearls are produced by shellfish and amber is a byproduct of sap from trees. These gemstones are not as durable as minerals. Because of this they are generally polished carved or drilled - never faceted.



Lab Created & Simulated Gemstones


Lab Created Gemstones

Blue Sapphire Bracelet
Lab Created Ceylon Sapphire Bracelet

These are made in laboratories to mimic the look and feel of a real gemstone using the exact same chemical composition of the natural gemstone.

In many instances it can be difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic/lab created gemstone and the actual gemstone since they have the same chemical composition.

Simulated Gemstones


Simualted Diamond Ring
Simulated Diamond Ring

Simulated gemstones are made to match the color and look of the natural gemstone.

They are made out of almost any material. An example of a simulated diamond would be a cubic zirconia.