Named after the Brazilian beauty queen, Maria Martha Hacker Rocha, this beautiful gemstone that radiates a light pinkish purple shade. She was the first Miss Brazil and was the runaway favorite to win the Miss Universe pageant that same year.

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Two stones were named after Miss Rocha, an aquamarine and kunzite. Marth Rocha aquamarine was named for the intense blue of her captivating eyes. Martha Rocha Kunzite was named for her vivacious personality that delighted all who met her.

A beautiful member of the spodumene family, this gemstone is sometimes considered an alternate birthstone for February. Believed to be a powerful healing stone, it is popular for its unique luster and brilliance. Kunzite is named for George Frederick Kunz. Kunz was a pioneering, self-taught gemologist who help paved the way for modern gemological understanding.

Determining Martha Rocha Kunzite Value

How much is kunzite worth? The worth of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This is no different when determining what Kunzite stone is worth. These guidelines will help you choose stones for your collection.

  • Kunzite Color

Martha Rocha Kunzite displays a light pinkish purple shade, reminiscent of pink rose petals. The color of this gemstone originates from an excellent brilliance that attractively contrasts with its fine pastel pinks. It has a unique luster and brilliance, which can be confused with other pink gemstones, due to its phenomenal attributes.

When choosing Martha Rocha kunzite, the stone’s color is most important. A gemstone with higher color saturation and no inclusions is highly sought after and commands a higher price in today’s market.

Most kunzite stones are light pink, making the Martha Rocha variety even more desirable and highly coveted.

  • Kunzite Clarity

Martha Rocha kunzite belongs to the Type I category of the GIA clarity grading system, which means the gemstone is usually eye-clean. So, inclusions that affect its transparency can reduce the value of the gemstone.

  • Kunzite Cut

The cut of Martha Rocha Kunzite depends on several factors. It needs to have the right color composition and freeness from inclusions.

The gemstone is found in almost all standard cuts and shapes. This includes rounds, ovals, pears, hearts, and cushions. However, the octagon shape of the gemstone is quite uncommon. Due to the multiple cleavage directions of the gemstone, cutting this variety of kunzite is a huge challenge. A plane of cleavage are natural area where a gem is especially prone to breakage. Thus, cutters need to be extra vigilant while cutting and polishing this gemstone. Any mistakes can fracture or even break the gemstone!

Furthering challenging cutters is the pleochroic nature of the gem. Displaying different colors or shades depending on how the gem is viewed, stone cutters must be careful when shaping the jewel as a finished piece must show the best “face up” color. This is the color you see when the gem is set into jewelry.

  • Kunzite Carat

Kunzite occurs in a variety of sizes. The value of this gemstone significantly increases with size, especially in fine specimens. At Shop LC, the size range for this gemstone ranges from 10 to 12 millimeters and higher.

Martha Rocha Kunzite Treatment

This gemstone does not undergo any known treatment. Kunzite may at times be irradiated to create color in colorless spodumene or to increase the color in pale kunzite stones. The frequency of this treatment is not known, and it requires a trained professional with specialized equipment to detect.

Caring for Martha Rocha Kunzite

Kunzite gemstone measures between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and has poor toughness due to its tendency to cleave. For this reason, wear kunzite jewelry with care.

The best method for cleaning this gemstone is with warm soapy water. Scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush, and rinse with clean, cool water. Dry gently with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning should be avoided for Martha Rocha Kunzite as they can easily cause breaks or fractures in the stone. Avoid prolonged exposure to high heat and direct sunlight, as these elements can cause the stone’s color to fade.

When storing Kunzite jewelry, wrap it in a soft cloth, or place it into a fabric-lined box.

Who Can Wear Martha Rocha Kunzite?

This precious gemstone displays a color range from subtle pink to lilac to light pinkish purple shades. Popular for its reputation of feminine allure, this gemstone looks great in nearly any setting. However, the rosy pink hues of rose gold exemplify the beauty of this gemstone. It’s a popular choice for delicate jewelry as well, and many pieces of Martha Rocha kunzite favor minimal designs that combine this jewel with rose gold.

While colored stone rings continue rising in popularity, Kunzite rings emerge as an increasingly favorite trend in jewelry. American and Japanese consumers both love the intense shade of this jewel, meaning competition for choice gems can be tough.

Also, as kunzite is available in larger sizes, jewelry pieces studded with this gemstone look stunning and eye-catching. This makes Kunzite jewelry a great choice for any event calling for glamorous jewelry!

How Does Martha Rocha Kunzite Compare to Other Pink Stones?

Martha Rocha is sometimes compared to morganite in color, and it’s easy to see why. However, morganite ranges from salmon pink or orange-pink in coloration, making it appear peachy pink, whereas the Martha Rocha kunzite favors light purplish pink tones, making the gem appear clearer and more intense.

In general, Martha Rocha kunzite bridges the gap between morganite and pink tourmaline. It occupies the center point between these two popular gemstones, providing a wonderful balance of light and intense color. Anyone who loves morganite, pink tourmaline, or other pink gems will appreciate the feminine glow of this beautiful gemstone.

Where Does Martha Rocha Kunzite Come From?

Shop LC sources this variety of kunzite from a mine situated in Northeastern Minas Gerais, Brazil. Due to its unique geologic makeup, Brazil is famous for producing a wide variety of high-quality colored gemstones.

Kunzite may also be found in Madagascar, Afghanistan, and the United States.

How is Martha Rocha Kunzite Mined?

Martha Rocha kunzite is found in pockets within the mines, alongside tourmaline, beryl, and other gems. This pocket occurrence enables every carat of kunzite to be accessible to miners. The major source of rough gemstones is the complex series of granitic pegmatites found in the mining area.

To extract the mineral, the potential kunzite-bearing pockets are excavated. Exposed kunzite crystals are removed with hand tools and sent to the sorting plant. This type of mining requires traditional methods and tools for extraction. To complicate matters, the extremely remote location of the mine makes the overall process extremely difficult.

Martha Rocha Kunzite Properties

What Does Martha Rocha Kunzite Mean?

Many gem therapists believe kunzite is a powerful healing stone that helps us achieve a balance between emotion and reason. Enhancing its reputation for balance, kunzite is said to encourage self-development, help us deal with criticism, and promote tolerance. For these reasons, many consider kunzite to be a top stone for self-actualization and a guide for searching for the deeper truths of life.

In addition, this colorful gemstone is said to alleviate sciatica and joint pain. It also promotes heathy blood circulation. By avoiding the narrowing of arteries, this gemstone is said to relax tense muscles and alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. It is also said by crystal healers to be useful in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Disclaimer: Use of any stone or mineral is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

Is Martha Rocha Kunzite a Birthstone?

Martha Rocha is not recognized as an official modern birthstone. However, some prefer kunzite as an alternate birthstone to amethyst, the February birthstone.

Martha Rocha Kunzite Facts

  • Martha Rocha ranks between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Rocha Kunzite displays a color range from subtle pink to lilac to light pinkish purple shades.
  • Shop LC sources our supply of kunzite from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • Martha Rocha Kunzite undergoes no known treatment. At times, kunzite may undergo irradiation to create or improve color.