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Jewelry Auctions

With bids starting at just $1, Online jewelry Auctions at Shop LC provide an opportunity to save big on the items you already love, like watches, rings, earrings etc. This is your opportunity to save even more on the daily, low cost items you already love.

Reasons Why Online Jewelry Auctions are the Best

The online auctions for jewelry at Shop LC give you a wonderful opportunity to snag some of the coolest products. With hundreds of new items added daily, there’s something new to see every time you visit.

How Jewlery Auctions Work

Bidding always starts at just a buck, no matter what! Like any other auction, the highest bidder walks away with the item. With no reserves in Shop LC auctions, every auction is an opportunity to save big. Plus, there’s no charge for taking part in our Jewelry auctions. You only pay what you bid! There are no hidden fees.

How to Bid in Online Auctions for Jewelry

It's easy! All you need to do is to register or log in to your account. Then, select your auction. You can place your bid manually or use the Auto Bid feature. Simply set the maximum amount you are willing to spend, and Auto Bid places bids for you, until either the auction is over or your spending cap is reached.

Easy Payment: Pay manually or use Auto Pay! Manual payment allows you to choose which card you want to use on every transaction. Auto Pay is set up through your account details. By keeping a valid payment method on file, your auctions will be processed automatically so that you never miss a payment.

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