Rich with the blue-green hues of its namesake, Peacock Quartz proudly glitters in the light.

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Peacock Quartz is named for the Indian peacock, displaying the same noble and intense blue-green hues found within the bird's plumage. Observe this play of color as the peacock stone is rotated, alternating between blue and green, and colors in between. Peacock Quartz jewelry is crafted from all-natural quartz crystal and is eye-clean.

Peacock Quartz History & Overview


• In many cultures, peacocks are regarded as an important symbol. Some associate the bird with pride, and others with vanity, It's been viewed as a royal guardian and symbol of immortality.

• As an assembled Peacock gem, this quartz does not possess an association with birthstones or astrology.

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Location: Brazil

Peacock quartz crystal is created from all-natural quartz, sourced from Brazil. A proprietary triplet process is utilized to infuse the brilliant layer of color between a base and cap of peacock quartz crystal.

Peacock quartz mine from Brazil.



• Peacock Quartz ranks as a seven on the Mohs scale.

• This gem is a triplet, constructed in three layers from all-natural quartz.