Begin writing your history with a piece of stylish and tantalizing tanzanite jewelry.

    Gaining immense popularity for its eye-catching hue and color-changing effect tanzanite jewelry makes a superb gift for a person born in December. Browse through Shop LC's stylish tanzanite jewelry collection and choose an elegant piece of jewelry for yourself or that lucky person born in December.

    Tanzanite Rings

    For an everlasting style that goes with any attire, trust in a fabulous ring. Bring the glow of tanzanite with brilliant diamonds together at your fingertips, by sliding on the outstanding sparkle of a prized ring.

    Tanzanite Earrings

    Experience the regal bluish purple tone of this exquisite gem in stunning jewelry pieces. The splendor of color luminously pops against brilliant white gold or sterling silver. Enrich its sparkle with complementary gemstones. Bring this radiant vivacity up to frame the face with tanzanite earrings.

    Tanzanite Necklace and Pendants

    The same attractive assortment of jewelry is reflected in necklaces. Select a drop pendant of similar design, to perfectly fit in with selected earrings - crafting a stylish jewelry set. Branch out with the distinctive design of a heart pendant from the Bali Legacy Collection or the long, lean drop of a cross pendant necklace.

    Tanzanite Bracelet

    Turn to the deeper hues of tanzanite encrusted in an extraordinary bracelet. Be it a tennis bracelet, an artisan crafted cuff or a fashion wristlet; this exceptional gem is noteworthy in every fashion.

    Browse and explore beautiful our tanzanite jewelry collection at Shop LC!

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