Tanzanian Green Zoisite Gemstone

Tanzanian Green Zoisite is a rich green variety of zoisite that favors subtle splashes of blue and yellow. This green stone is one of the rarest gems on the planet, only discovered by chance! Its attractive colors shift from green and bluish-green to greenish-yellow as you turn the stone in the light. But why? Learn how to identify green zoisite and tell it apart from similar gems like tanzanite, the blue-violet zoisite.


Determining Green Zoisite Value

Is Tanzanian Green Zoisite valuable? The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This is no different when determining what Tanzanian Green Zoisite is worth. These guidelines will help you choose green zoisite for your collection.

  • Green Zoisite Color

This gemstone exhibits strong pleochroism, meaning different colors appear when viewing this jewel from different angles. Green zoisite has green, bluish to greenish-yellow hues like a young sprouting fern. These beautiful colors keep the stone looking fresh and joyful. Tanzanian Green Zoisite gets its color from trace amounts of chromium in its composition.

  • Green Zoisite Clarity

Tanzanian Green Zoisite is a transparent gemstone with a glassy luster. It belongs to the Type I category of GIA clarity grading system, which means the stone looks flawless to the naked eye. Under the microscope, it may display inclusions.

Under normal circumstances, these quality characteristics don't modify the value. A large number of inclusions will decrease the value of the gemstone when it affects the color.

  • Green Zoisite Cut

Due to limited availability, most zoisite is available in oval and round shapes. They are typically faceted to maximize the brilliance of the stone. Due to pleochroism, cutting is a challenge as a compromise always exists between getting the best color out of the gem while maintaining a desirable size. Rough material includes blue, white, and violet hues, which require removal for the perfect stone.

  • Green Zoisite Carat

Typical calibrated sizes from at Shop LC range from 6x4 millimeter to 9x7 mm. Carat weight of finished product measures from 20 points to just over 2 carats. The price per carat tends to increase with larger stones. Tanzanian Green Zoisite of high carat weight is rare and almost always more expensive.

Green Zoisite Treatment

Tanzanian Green Zoisite undergoes heating to improve its color. The heat treatment does not impact the natural composition and properties of this unusual gemstone. It is a common practice and does not change its value.

Caring for Green Zoisite

This stone measures 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It has a fair to good toughness, which makes it a durable gemstone for regular wear.

Do not use harsh household chemicals or expose this stone to sudden temperature changes. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not safe for this gem.

Use warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to clean gemstones. After scrubbing, rinse the gem in clean water to remove all soapy residue. Wipe the gemstone with a soft cloth to dry.

Wrap green zoisite jewelry in a soft cloth before storage. Using a fabric-lined jewelry box is ideal for this purpose. Tanzanian Green Zoisite is a beautiful stone, and with proper care will last for generations of enjoyment.

Who Can Wear Tanzanian Green Zoisite?

People who love nature and greenery adore this refreshing gemstone. With light green shades and an enigmatic hue, this jewel helps you experience the charm of a freshly sprouted fern.

This gorgeous gem is equally at home when set in gold or silver. Its captivating allure makes it a perfect pick to wear for daytime engagements or evening outings.

A beautiful ring, pendant, or bracelet with green zoisite is an ideal choice to pamper your loved one for any special occasion. Some may even consider it as an alternative to tanzanite as the traditional gift for the 24th wedding anniversary.

How Does Green Zoisite Compare to Other Green Stones?

Tanzanian Green Zoisite is often mistaken for other green stones like demantoid garnet, prasiolite, or peridot. This is because they are transparent, a glassy luster, and a refreshing green in color.

If you love the gentle green hues of these stones, then green zoisite is a good option for you!

Where Does Green Zoisite Come From?

Tanzanian Green Zoisite comes from the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. These are the same mines that produce world-famous tanzanite.

How is Natural Green Tanzanite Mined?

The Tanzanian government divides gem bearing land into four separate mining areas. We call these Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block D. Deposits of green zoisite occur in Block B, approximately 70 meters below the ground.

All the mining in the shafts is hard-rock mining, with extensive use of explosives to break up the surrounding rock. The miners rely on dynamite to penetrate the tough gneisses and schists that contain gems.

Miners can sometimes pull rough directly from veins in the surrounding rock. Blasting is the primary method for expanding shafts. Once miners reach a zoisite-bearing area, they use drills and picks to remove the rough stone. Green zoisite forms in veins nicknamed boudins, located in folds in the surrounding rock.

Processing and sorting both take place on-site. Workes sort rough green rock both manually and by using an automated sorting and grading system. There are several steps to the process.

First, workers remove rough gems from the shaft. Next, they move to a sorting house for cleaning and weighing. Workers separate unwanted material from the rough stone, and then the cobbing process begins. After cobbing, rocks undergo further division based on the quality of the material.

Suitable gems are taken away for carat, clarity, and color grading. Lower quality stones sell as they are, while the off-cuts, or “waste,” are collected and sold locally. Once all the grading and sizing procedures have taken place, workers pack gems for sale.

Green Zoisite Properties

What Does Green Zoisite Mean?

Gem therapists suggest green zoisite helps stimulate desire in romantic relationships. Some say that zoisite promotes speedy recovery from an extended illness.

Specifically, green tanzanite is said to activate the heart chakra. This gemstone is said to uplift our spirits, bringing a new sense of joy and wonder.

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

Is Green Zoisite a Birthstone?

Tanzanian Green Zoisite is not an official modern birthstone. Some may prefer green zoisite as an alternative to tanzanite, the blue-violet zoisite gem. Tanzanite is a modern December birthstone. Consider choosing this gem for something a little different from traditional blue tanzanite.

Green Zoisite Facts

  • Green tanzanite ranks 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • This variety of zoisite display a unique green hue, with hints of blue and yellow.
  • Tanzanian Green Zoisite comes from mines near the Merelani Foothills of Northern Tanzania.
  • Green zoisite undergoes heat treatment to improve its color.
  • Tanzanian Green Zoisite is sometimes known as green tanzanite.