Brazilian Mint Garnet

Crisp and cool green tones keep Brazilian mint garnet looking fresh.

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Brazilian Mint garnet is a variety of tsavorite garnet, a rare and exotic garnet available in an uncommon green hue. Brazilian mint garnet presents a fresh new option for garnet fans, and lovers of green. Pastel green shades dominate this tsavorite variety, enabling gem connoisseurs even more options when selecting green gemstones.

What is a Tsavorite Garnet?

Tsavorite garnets, alongside demantoid garnets, represent the known green garnet specimens in the market today. Tsavorite garnets, and mint garnets by extension receive their verdant color from the presence of the mineral chromium, or sometimes vanadium.

Mint garnets are grossular garnets, one of the primary garnet families that compose the garnet gem group. It's rare to find larger gem-quality specimens weighing over a few carats.



Discovery of Tsavorite Garnet

• The green garnet was first discovered by Campbell R. Bridges in 1967, a British gemologist living in Kenya. Bridges originally located a deposit in Tanzania. Complications with the government prevented further development of the area. Speculating that the deposit carried over to the neighboring nation of Kenya, Bridges turned prospecting efforts there. By 1971, he began mining the stone.

Mint Garnet as a Birthstone

• As a garnet variety, Brazilian mint garnet is a birthstone for those born in January. These soft mint shades make an excellent alternative to the traditional reds offered by this stone.

• In addition, garnets are the associated stone for Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 18).



Location: Brazil


Tsavorite garnets were first discovered in Tanzania during the late 1960's. Commercial mining began a few years later in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. Tsavorite garnets are named for this park. Besides Tanzania and Kenya, these gems have also been found in Pakistan and Madagascar.

Brazilian Mint Garnet Mining

Mint garnets are sourced from Brazil. The gem experts at Shop LC share that extracting the gems from their host rock is a complicated, tedious process. It requires leading-edge machinery and technology to prospect and mine the rough material.

Extracted rough runs on the small size, so larger finished specimens of mint garnet are relatively rare. Faceted stones over a half carat will be unusual, if not rare.



  • Ranks 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Brazilian Mint garnet presents as a soft pastel green or bluish-green.
  • Sourced from Brazil.
  • No known treatments are done to this gemstone.